A line of e-bikes recalled because they easily ‘break in half’

Fiido, the maker of low-cost e-bikes that sell direct to consumers, has suspended sales of the Fiido X model and is preparing a recall after discovering a design flaw that could make the bike capable of folding. This one is broken in two.

Fiido spokesperson Jennifer Sun confirmed the matter to The Verge and said the company will announce more details on April 12.

A line of e-bikes is recalled because it easily 'breaks in half' - Photo 1.

A Fiido X model broke in half while in use.

Compared to the $999 version of the Fiido D11 that went on sale in 2020, the company’s new $1,298 Fiido X model is touted as an improvement in every way. This product also received many positive reviews when raising capital on the Indiegogo platform.

The design of the Fiido X is built on a lightweight magnesium chassis and includes a new folding mechanism. And this is where the error comes in.

A line of e-bikes is recalled because it's easy to 'break in half' - Photo 2.

The design that allows folding is believed to be the cause of the problem.

In a statement posted on Facebook, a company representative said it received a report of the frame defect on April 3 from its R&D lab in Shenzhen, China.

“Recognizing this is a serious issue, we are now urging all users to temporarily stop using version X because of the risk.” wrote a representative of Fiido.

The global recall is seen as a real test of the young company that was founded in 2016. However, despite its new appearance, this technology company has sold hundreds of thousands of bicycles globally during the past time.

According to The Verge



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