The last time, the characters in Diablo II were tweaked by the publisher on March 23, 2010. When Diablo II: Resurrected the graphical remake of Diablo II aired, all gameplay elements were kept intact, that is, all of the character’s strengths, weaknesses, and irrationalities remained intact. .

In blog post Recently, Blizzard confirmed that it will soon adjust the character to balance, and announced a series of new elements.

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Blizzard is about to release a big update for Diablo II: adding a rank ladder mode, adding a new Rune Word and much more - Photo 1.

First, Blizzard will reopen the famous ladder rank mechanism. Players will participate in a race to see who reaches level 99 first, and will be able to challenge themselves with 4 ladders:

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– Standard: the normal version allows playing 4 villages.

– Hardcore: player has only one life to play through 4 villages.

– Standard Expansion: players can participate in all content, including 5 villages.

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– Hardcore Expansion: gamers only have one life to reach the final boss, Lord of Desolation Baal.

Blizzard is about to release a big update for Diablo II: adding a rank ladder mode, adding a new Rune Word and much more - Photo 2.

And this is also the first time in many years that Blizzard has announced a bunch of new Rune Words, which only drop in the rank ladder mode. Rune Words are special single runes that, when combined (and in the correct sequence), grant the item special powers. There are Rune Words that are so rare that the odds of falling out are equivalent to winning the lottery.

In addition to the ladder mode, Blizzard will continue to edit legendary characters. They try to refine their skills to help some of the weak late game characters shine again. And yet, Blizzard will add new Horadric Cube pressing recipes, changes to set items, and some changes to the Mercenary group of mercenaries (also known as “disciples”) by Vietnamese gamers. .

The update will officially roll out early next year.

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