While Android 12 is still in the process of updating for many devices, Google is already preparing for the release of Android 13. According to the latest information, Google is adding a “tap to move” feature to Android 13, to switch entertainment content between devices.

According to the interface demo that the AndroidPolice site has, Google will introduce the “Media TTT” (Media tap-to-transfer) feature on Android 13. Although there is not much information yet, but it is highly likely that this feature will allow allows devices running Android 13 to stream entertainment, such as music, from their phone to a nearby smart speaker or other device simply by walking close to them.

When used, this feature will display a notification at the top of the screen when the user approaches a compatible source, with an “Undo” button appearing to use in case you accidentally come close to the speaker and don’t want the music. My own started playing on it.

Android 13 will learn a feature from Apple - Photo 1.

There’s a lot that isn’t known about this feature, but it seems to work a lot like the “Hand off Audio” feature that Apple did recently with the iPhone and HomePod. For Apple, the feature works with the U1 chip, which uses ultra-wideband radio technology. That technology is starting to show up in some Android devices, including the Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung’s latest high-end phones, but it’s not yet widespread.

Android 13 will learn a feature from Apple - Photo 2.

In addition to the “tap to switch” description, Google may use NFC for this feature to increase popularity and accessibility. Anyway, at the moment it’s unclear if this new feature will work with other Android phones, speakers, TVs, smartwatches, or what else.

Assuming a similar schedule to previous years, Android 13 is likely to begin rolling out this fall, with developer previews and betas rolling out in the coming months. Meanwhile, Android 12 is still being rolled out gradually by manufacturers – for example, Sony has just started updating its devices.

Reference: XDA Developers



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