According to information from Korean site TheElec, Apple is developing a new folding OLED screen, which will be used on an iPhone or iPad.

The big breakthrough of this display is that there is no polarizing layer on the panel, which is usually included to allow only some light from certain directions to pass through, thereby improving the display’s visibility. Figure.

One disadvantage of polarizers is that they tend to reduce brightness. To compensate, manufacturers often increase the power supply to monitors, but this can reduce their lifespan.

Apple develops new folding OLED screen for iPhone and iPad - Photo 1.

By removing the polarizing layer, Apple can make the panel significantly thinner, which will be better for foldable devices. Apple may also adopt other technology, with the same effect as the polarizing technology but avoiding the aforementioned weaknesses.

The same non-polarizing technology has been used by Samsung in the Eco²OLED display of the Galaxy Z Fold3.

As of this moment, it is unknown when Apple’s folding iPhone or iPad will launch, but we shouldn’t expect them to arrive before 2025, according to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo .

Reference: GSMArena



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