Apple stops giving earphones to French iPhones

As of 2020, Apple has started to stop providing free headphones and charging cups for iPhones. At the time, Apple said it did so to reduce e-waste, but French authorities disagreed. Law in France requires all smartphones to be supplied with a headset. The reason for this is the health concerns surrounding radio wave radiation close to the brain.

As a result, Apple still has to provide iPhone buyers in France with free EarPods.

iPhone in France finally no longer comes with headphones - Photo 1.

However, according to news site Consomac, there has been a change in regulations on electronic sales. Under a new law passed in France, smartphone makers will no longer be required to include headphones in the box. This law comes into effect from the end of 2021, with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of electronic products.

Instead, they simply made sure that compatible headphones were offered separately as an optional accessory. According to an announcement posted by French retailer Fnac, iPhones will no longer be sold with EarPods in the box as of January 24. Apple has notified resellers of the change but has not yet updated it. on the website.

Fnac says that Xiaomi smartphones have also stopped offering headphones from January 17, 2022.

iPhone in France finally no longer comes with headphones - Photo 2.

Webpage Apple’s France region still shows EarPods as an accessory included in the ‌iPhone‌ box along with a USB-C to Lightning cable, but that will probably be updated soon.

Apple’s decision to remove the EarPods and charging cups from the ‌‌iPhone‌‌ box has also been controversial in other countries. For example, Apple was fined $2 million in Brazil for not including a charging cup for the iPhone.

Reference: Macrumors


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