Apple will not fix lost iPhones, users need to be careful when buying used phones

In a memo just sent to employees at Apple Stores and authorized service facilities, Apple will add GSMA data to its repair policy.

The GSMA Device Registry is a global database that allows smartphone owners to report the status of their device if it’s lost, stolen, or under contract with a carrier. Through the phone’s IMEI number, companies can access the platform to look up the device’s status.

With Apple’s new policy, before repairing an iPhone, the warranty staff will check whether the device is on the list of GSMA or not. If the device is ever reported missing, they will refuse to offer all repair services.

Previously, Apple also refused to provide warranty for products reported lost through the Find My feature. However, there are still a large number of Apple users who do not use this feature. The addition of the GSMA’s listing helps prevent accidental repairs or renewals for iPhones that are stolen, but whose owners forgot to turn on Find My before. In addition, the new policy will help reduce the number of stolen iPhones brought in for repair at Apple.

Users should protect their iPhone with a password (Touch ID/Face ID) as it will render the device useless if lost or stolen. Thieves won’t be able to resell it, since other people can’t use a mobile device that uses a screen lock. Activation lock is a great safeguard that customers should be aware of.

However, if they somehow managed to get into your phone and disable the protection, they could reset the device and sell it to someone else. There is also another way to use a stolen iPhone.

If you own an iPhone or plan to buy one, you should always use a highly secure PIN. Also, make sure that the Find Location/Activation Lock feature is enabled on the device. If you lose your mobile device or someone steals it, your data is still safe.

Experts recommend that, with increasingly tight changes in Apple’s warranty policy, users should save purchase invoices for use when needed. In case of forgetting Apple ID, the purchase receipt will help the user prove ownership for Apple support.

It’s unclear when the new iPhone repair policy will go into effect.

When buying an old iPhone, users need to make sure the old owner has to exit all the old iCloud account as well as reset and delete all old data in the device. Plus, it’s best to try it with Apple or an authorized repair shop. That way, you’ll know if your device has anything to worry about.

Also, if you don’t want to risk buying an old phone or don’t have enough money to buy a new phone, you can ‘rent’ an iPhone for a cheap price. According to Apple, it will bring buying an iPhone or iPad similar to paying a subscription for iCloud storage or signing up for Apple Music each month. Apple plans to let customers sign up for hardware with the same Apple ID and App Store accounts they use to purchase apps and subscribe to services.

Reference: BGR

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