Bye bye flash and tone, Google is developing a new “unique” way of sending notifications

Notifications on our devices today often come in the form of vibrations, rings, and LEDs, but Google thinks there is another way for users to know there is a notification.

Google announced it was testing the Little Signals project, which uses environmental factors to notify users, which sounds like the use of “paranormal phenomena” to help you know you have notifications.

Google wants to use

One prominent method involves a device that blows air onto nearby objects, such as leaves, causing them to sway to attract attention.

Another device is capable of creating small shadows, communicating through the movements of the shadow it creates. A device with a plastic arm that knocks against a surface to make a notification sound, a louder sound means more urgent news, hopefully not many notifications coming in at night.

Other methods include a device with pins that can raise and lower on its own, and a device that creates environmental sounds.

These methods are probably just experimental, but we can also expect to see Nest smart speakers in the future equipped with shadowing or blowing functions if Google finds an effective use for it. these technologies.

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By Nguyen Manh Cuong

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