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Outside In, a new game produced by Vietnamese people, with the context of virus removal during the epidemic season, will officially launch on Steam on March 5.

Outside In is the new baby of Together Games Studio, a group of young people with a special passion for the fun-filled game world.

This is an indie co-op puzzle action game inspired by very successful games in the world such as Overcooked, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, We Were Here, ..

The game was developed by the team with 04 members with the desire to bring Vietnamese games to the local gaming community and international friends.

Outside In has had 9 months of development from June 2020, and is expected to launch the Early Access version of the Vietnamese game community on March 5, 2021.

Let’s find out with what promising things this game produced by Vietnamese young people will bring on Steam!

The plot of Outside In

Set in the future in 2121, the world is ravaged by an extremely dangerous virus. At that time, in the laboratory of Dr. Henry, the beloved cat Mimi unfortunately contracted the same virus. If not prevented in time, Mimi will be killed by the virus at any time, and the virus has spread widely, which means danger to everyone.


With the desire to save Mini’s life and create a vaccine that can save the world, Dr. Henry and his son – Blaze planned and found a way to make a powerful vaccine with the most advanced technology. to defeat the evil virus.

With the above plot, Together Games Studio wishes to bring a positive message to the gaming community, join hands to raise awareness of the prevention of covid-19 to protect loved ones and families.

How to play

Players and companions can choose 1 of 2 roles: Dr. Henry or Blaze

Dr. Henry will have the role of describing the path and making a vaccine to destroy the virus that is raging in the body of Mimi cat.

Blaze will shrink into Mini’s body to find the virus, then describe the shape of the virus to destroy the virus.


Each round will have a time limit, the map as well as the shape of the virus will change and many different challenges through each level. Therefore, players must quickly coordinate with each other to make the correct anti-virus medicine.

Graphics of the game

The development team has chosen Unity as the main development software of the game. With cel-shading style and cartoon shape. Outside In’s graphics are very friendly and easy to see. The required configuration of the game is relatively light, suitable for most basic computer devices at the present time.


Why should you not miss Outside In?

Rich and… unpredictable:

The map and virus change constantly with many different shapes, not only stimulating the imagination of players in many different descriptions, but players also have to coordinate well to win. Surely it will be inevitable that the descriptions of teammates are difficult. Challenge “Friendship… is it sure to last?”

Always have a fresh experience:

Each player will have a different way of playing and approaching problems, so each game will be a different experience.


Reasonable game time

A game screen lasts only 3-5 minutes, very suitable for those who want to have an entertaining game with friends without being too “exhausted”.

The game is simple, easy to get acquainted with many objects. From buddies who play co-op games, to couples who are looking for a game to play together. The game is also very suitable and friendly for children to play with their parents, not only entertaining but also helping you increase your observation and communication ability.

The message that Together Games Studio sends

Outside In is proud to be the first Vietnamese indie game to launch on Steam in 2021. Despite having many resource constraints due to the small team, the game team always tries to bring a positive message to gamers during this time. difficult points because of the epidemic and bring hours of fun entertainment for all players. Outside In has 100% Vietnamese support at the time of launch, before the official version for the international market in the summer of 2021.


In the midst of the still raging Covid-19 epidemic, the game Outside In can entertain you by transforming into epidemic-fighting heroes after a long tiring day of work.

Release date: 05/03/2021

Release platform: Steam

Price: 70,000 VND

Supported languages: Vietnamese, English (coming soon)

Social: Discord, Facebook, Youtube

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