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Age of History II MOD APK opens all fronts in the form of a map. It looks quite dry, but playing, there are many good things. This strategic war game combining military tactics is very suitable for those who love high brainstorming strategy games.

Introducing Age of History II

Military war strategy game based entirely on map operations!

Military strategy, it’s not that simple

Watching war movies, especially in the Middle Ages, you probably all realize that the common point is that outstanding heroes are not only good at fighting, but also use soldiers, generals, and military tactics. Do not directly reveal themselves to the battlefield because most of them are still based in the barracks, looking at the map, monitoring the military situation, military force, assessing the opponent’s ability, advantages and weaknesses of their troops. , consider the way forward and reverse the troops and then draw on the maps attack tactics, control the troops and control their generals.

It is not a job that everyone wants to be able to do. It requires both theory, experience and the ability to predict and predict the battle. And to understand the difficulty of making ingenious military strategies and tactics, you can try to experience a rather arduous strategy game like Age of History II.

Age of History II is a fairly dry classic war strategy game with everything happening on the map. In the game, the main goal of the player is to use military strategy and wise diplomacy to unify the world and conquer all lands.

Many wars go through human history

Humans have passed through many historical periods, each with different technological, economic, community and world division characteristics. There are always wars, but in each period, wars will have their own characteristics. Age of History II will take you through all the great periods of human history from the Age of Civilization to the future beyond.

Across many civilizations, from the largest empire to the smallest tribe, you will be responsible for leading your people to glory. Through this series of strategic campaigns spanning thousands of years, what you build is not a temporary territorial gain, but bringing more civilizations to your people. This is also what every strategist aspires to do, in his or her life.

Military strategy is not just about generals and intense battles

Age of History II will show you that brilliant military strategists not only used good military command, but also had a mountain of other considerations in their heads. For example, building a deep diplomatic system between countries in the world: with whom to ally, with whom to confront, with whom to fight in which war… Every link in this world, like you, can be seen in the current world situation, not by chance. It is the result of diligent research, effective diplomacy and strategic thinking on the part of military personnel.

Even the peace treaties, armistice, cease-fire, re-war… are all decisions of high military stature, closely related to the diplomatic aspect of each country. This is the time to show the depth of each player’s strategic mind.

If you do this part well, you will also develop sustainably and quickly achieve your goals in each battle.

The world map is constantly changing

Age of History II is set up with a Map system with historical boundaries, which is quite simple at first, but later becomes more detailed and more complex. Borders are also constantly changing according to the constantly changing territorial situation of countries.

The map also clearly shows the movement of different groups of soldiers from different countries. All these developments allow you to follow every move of every country in the world, thereby finding the most complete strategy for you at each moment.

In terms of general strategy, you can completely choose a primary direction for yourself. This direction will determine the entire way and specific strategy of each player. As a lover of conquests, you will actively seek to conquer different lands and gradually expand your territory. If you are a peace-loving person, you will be more inclined to defend your territory against invading forces from outside than to invade other lands.

Age of History II is a game that is easy to operate, easy to understand, but to go deep, it is not easy to get to the bottom. You must use both mind and reason, think according to the present situation and foresee the future, along with the ability to observe the war situation deeply to bring the most effective military strategies to the country. me.

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The game is quite hard core and a bit dry if you are not really into the strategy field. Invite those interested to download Age of History II to play here.

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