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Avatar Life APK creates a virtual city in which you are free to be yourself. Create your favorite looks, dream lifestyle, make friends with everyone, go on a romance with another virtual character (player)… A world that celebrates perfect freedom.

About Avatar Life

Virtual world of freedom and roaming!

There are many reasons to find a virtual world of Avatars. Having trouble talking to the opposite sex, afraid of approaching new friends, not confident enough to find love, or sometimes simply want to be free to roam around without thinking about work or work. education. Whenever there is this wandering thought, invite you to play with Avatar Life.

Avatar Life is a virtual city, a place to chat and simulate a dream free life. You will start with creating your own avatar, customizing the details of your face, body, clothes, and clothes to become your ideal image. You can choose both your gender and have a cool avatar. Just like that, the fun begins. Lots of parties, shopping, hanging out, and lots of interesting people are waiting for you.

Play, chat, make friends, pure love

Avatar Life is not a sex simulator. The environment here is very healthy, mainly emphasizing entertainment activities between virtual avatars, the process of making friends and romantic love of the player avatars.

This is absolutely not an 18+ game. The world is created for the sole purpose of entertainment, fun and pure for children 13 years old and up.

So whoever you are, feel free to play and experience. When the kids in the house want to play, let them be. A healthy city awaits.

Create your own unique avatar

To start entering the world of Avatar Life, you will need a real Avatar. Enjoy juggling with fashion and style, while attracting attention and gaining admiration from other players. They are observing and judging your style through the screen.

Helping players create their own image, Avatar Life offers more than 800 models of clothing. You can experiment with more than 400 appearance details such as hair, eyes, lips, nose, forehead… With this massive storehouse, you can completely change your appearance depending on your mood at any time, even while you’re in the middle of the night. in the game.

Decorate your dream house

Each person in this virtual city will own a virtual home. As the owner, you can choose any beautiful decoration style for it. Choose from over 1500 pieces of furniture, try out any placement in your home, and unleash your creativity and interior design talents. This is also an extremely attractive activity for Avatar Life players.

Make friends, pure love and hundreds of fun activities with friends

In this world, you can do whatever you like. Chat with people, find the right friends, make friends with them in real life.

Then have fun walking together, shopping, gift giving, dating, flirting… You can start relationships that become social friends, close friends, a couple or even rivals of yours. someone…

You can go with any random person in the virtual city to go for a walk in the park, exercise together, go to a nightclub to have a good time, date in a cafe, go shopping, do beauty treatments with your whole group of friends. virtual… If you want, you can even host a wild party all night in your own apartment. Get drunk with friends, treat yourself to expensive drinks and dance the night away. All these unimaginable things can be done in Avatar Life.

This game is very similar to The Sims Mobile.

Download Avatar Life APK for Android

Avatar Life is the right place to help you live every minute and every second to the fullest. An elaborately designed virtual city, bustling fun animations and lots of activities await. What are you waiting for without creating an Avatar quickly and then go to Avatar Life urgently.

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