AZIP Master MOD APK is a mobile decompression application, fast, and works well on many different compressed file formats. In addition, it also supports you to manage the storage process and systemize the files stored on the device.

Introducing AZIP Master

Fast, convenient and versatile decompression application for mobile!

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Although decompressing applications have been around for a long time on mobile phones, they still maintain their style thanks to the convenience and unique differences of each application. If you are looking for a convenient, fast decompression application that also comes with many other useful features on mobile, then you should try AZIP Master.

What can AZIP Master do?

AZIP Master is an application for decompressing files, and managing files, creating archives in ZIP or 7Z file formats, supporting the process of working and receiving all types of compressed files more smoothly and easily.

Due to the ability to decompress a wide variety of archives, and comes with many other useful features, up to now, AZIP Master has reached millions of users around the world.

Diverse decompression, compatible with all genres

Not only stopping at the two most common compression formats, ZIP or RAR, AZIP Master also “master” many other compressed file formats such as ZIPX, JAR, 7Z, GZ, TGZ, BZ2, BZ, TBZ, TBZ2, XZ, TXZ , LZ, TLZ, TAR, ISO, LZH, LHA, ARJ, Z, TAZ, 001… Whatever you encounter with difficult compressed files, AZIP Master has a way to overcome difficulties and open all types of files thoroughly.

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With a decompression application, variety and handling of many different compressed files is still key. If you are inconvenienced by what you are using on your current machine, sometimes it still falters with some less popular compressed file types, it’s time to change to AZIP Master. Multiple in one, which is definitely more beneficial for you.

Extract not only one but many files at the same time

Fast, time saving is always the second key element of every application. AZIP Master can give you this advantage thanks to its ability to Decompress multiple compressed files at the same time with uncompromising speed. Just one touch, once select multiple files, in a split second, you have in hand all the necessary original files from the series of compressed files waiting. No need to sit and wait for one turn to another, which is both time consuming and confusing.

Create smart ZIP, 7Z archives

Not only decompressing many file types, decompressing many files at the same time, but AZIP Master also helps you create ZIP and 7Z archives for easy access, sharing or reuse of these files if needed. You may not have thought of it, but this feature is really useful. You have unzipped file A, if you want to send that file A again, maybe you should compress the file from the beginning and then send it, how much is the process. Instead, sending the compressed file from the beginning of A is the fastest.

Send files via Hotspot or WiFi

Not only decompressing, AZIP Master also helps you share files quickly via Hotspot or WiFi, email, sms… Even if it’s the original file, the compressed file is all shared quickly, without fragmentation and without midway error.

The closest compressed and unzipped files you can choose to have them appear on the home screen without having to go into the application. This makes it easier to access again or to share more quickly.

Save battery and memory space

Often one of the concerns of users of decompression applications is that they can take up too much space and also consume battery during the decompression process. AZIP Master has overcome this drawback. The entire compression and decompression process on the application is run in the background to save resources for the device. The battery does not lose much more than usual, the memory is still not taken up too much, everything when using AZIP Master is always under control and does not affect the process of using applications / tasks. other on the machine.

File saving format and size options

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When decompressing any file, you can choose to specify where the extracted file will be saved, in what file format, and how much space it needs to be. All these three options are done on AZIP Master easily. You can Set to choose the default from the beginning for all decompression operations or manually select each compressed file in case they belong to different folders.

Highly efficient file compression, integrity assurance, even large files are supported

Certainly along with decompression, File Compression is an indispensable feature of the AZIP Master application. The file compression process on AZIP Master is also fast and neat, equivalent to the decompression process. You also do not need to worry about the quality of the compressed file or the contents inside because the compression engine of AZIP Master always ensures the integrity of the file.

Even if the file is large, containing many important images, diagrams, and symbols, they are still intact so that after compression and decompression can still keep the original state of the original file.

Password protection

Using this feature, AZIP Master will help you create passwords for ZIP files compressed through the application. This is to increase the security of the information or ensure that only the recipient of the file can use it. The extra security feature is also done with just 1-2 basic touches.

AZIP Master also has the ability to connect to Google Drive to synchronize your documents online, so you can compress and extract any files manipulated via AZIP from Google Drive right in this application.

AZIP Master MOD APK version

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Download AZIP Master APK & MOD for Android

Capable of securing data, preserving information, effectively compressing and decompressing many files at the same time, including large files. AZIP Master is truly a powerful compression tool you should have on your computer and use it whenever you need it.

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