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BlockerX MOD APK is an application to block access to websites with adult content, unhealthy content or violent elements for Android phones and tablets. Installing this application on your device will give you a little more peace of mind

Introducing BlockerX

Application to block the dark web, add an extra layer of protection for children when on the net!

Why block the dark web?

There is no denying that the advent of the Internet has changed the entire humanity. Its benefits cannot be summed up in words. However, as two sides of the same coin. The Internet also has its downside, which is the flow of information that cannot or is very difficult to control, which is harmful to the mind, perception and knowledge of the recipient.

For parents, this problem is even more worrisome. Children are at an innocent and pure age, all knowledge, images and information are loaded into their heads very quickly. It is also not possible to ban children online because obviously they learn a lot of things from the Internet, even learning is sometimes online. So, is there a way to limit as much as possible any risk of children accessing unhealthy sources known as the dark web on the Internet?

There are many ways? Set security for unnecessary applications on the device, limit playtime, only let your child use the phone when studying and have a friend sitting next to him… but these methods seem difficult to be effective when the child is older, there are many autonomy and the need for privacy are also higher. At this time, immediately install an application that restricts the dark web on the device to both help protect children as best as possible from “bad elements” and give them a certain freedom.

One of the powerful dark web blocking applications today is Blocker X.

What is BlockerX?

BlockerX is an application that helps users block access to websites that contain adult content, sources of information that are unhealthy, violent, or have malicious codes that pose a risk to the device’s security.

Specifically, the main features of BlockerX are as follows.

Block adult, unhealthy and violent content

This is also the main function of BlockerX. The application will automatically help you limit all unhealthy content on the network environment. If you want to block a specific website or application, you can also add their name to the application for absolute blocking.

BlockerX’s ability to block malicious content is based on its ability to selectively report sources or contain images that are included in user warnings. From there, put it on the “black list” and block it right from the moment when there is any sign of searching by the device user. Block words in their infancy, this is the word that best describes BlockerX’s powerful blocking function

Prevent Uninstall of Apps

Most applications can be uninstalled easily, just touch the screen and alehap is on the way. But BlockerX is different. As a dark web blocking application that can be removed from the phone in a moment, what is the effect of blocking bad information anymore. Especially for children or device users who are trying to find ways to access what they need. BlockerX has the ability to Block the Uninstall action no matter which path the user intentionally follows. In a nutshell, a user of a device with BlockerX installed will never be able to manually remove BlockerX from the device unless the person installing the app allows it by entering a series of passcodes only they can have.

Safe search on the internet

Not only accessing the web directly, but only searching for information through popular search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube… has a lot of potential risks. You can’t know out of the hundreds or thousands of search results that appear on that screen, how many contain inappropriate information. BlockerX also helps you to deal with this thoughtfully. The device is always guaranteed not to show / not find results that are in the Blacklist of BlockerX.

Block sensitive words

You can set this feature to tighten the restrictions even further. With this feature, you will completely block all content that contains sensitive words, like “adult videos”… Regardless of any website or content page containing this keyword you think is not good, will not appear before your eyes.

Block apps

Not only apps with malicious content, but also apps that distract from the learning process can also be on BlockerX’s block list. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube are all blocked through this application. Your child’s learning will be much more focused.

BlockerX . MOD APK version

Features MOD

Premium Unlock

Download BlockerX APK & MOD for Android

With all effective blocking tools on all fronts, blocking from search keywords to search results, web blocking, application blocking… BlockerX is a useful tool to support parents in guiding their children to use the Internet in a civilized and proper manner.

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