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Brilliant MOD APK is an online learning application that offers a lot of courses in Science, Science and Computer Science. There are also many exercises and quizzes to systemize learning results as well as train the user’s brain.

Introducing Brilliant

Online learning application of Logic Science subjects with many brain training exercises!

What is Brilliant?

Brilliant is a collection of online lectures on Math, Science and Computer Science subjects based on active and intuitive teaching methods.

Brilliant’s teaching principles are to arouse curiosity, promote creative curiosity, know how to ask to understand a problem, think in different approaches to clarify the question. Instead of posing theories and demanding acceptance, the lessons in Brilliant aim to ask learners to solve thinking problems on their own, and then summarize the story in their own way.

Brilliant for whom?

No matter who you are, what job you are doing, as long as you are interested in knowledge, science and logical thinking, you can download Brilliant to use every day on your device.

You are a student, Brilliant will help you gain more new scientific knowledge. You are an expert in the field, Brilliant helps you systematize what you have learned and sharpen your reasoning ability. Or simply you are passionate about science subjects, then Brilliant will strengthen your passion and help you to pursue a lifelong learning path.

Learn science subjects at your own pace

No matter whether you learn fast, slow, gifted or not, Brilliant is much more flexible than the school curriculum. You can study at any speed in Brilliant. Faster or slower at school, learning opportunities at Brilliant have room for you to showcase your intelligence and ability to learn, in the most honest and comfortable way.

The courses in Brilliant are designed to be non-rigid according to the predefined curriculum. Instead, you can actively explore and choose the right course for your level and speed of knowledge. Then come up with your own arguments to solve the problem yourself. It can be said that self-study is the first requirement for users of this application. Just acquire this skill, everything will be only a matter of time.

Studying science subjects on Brilliant is more theoretical

Therefore, it will be more suitable for students or specialized lecturers at school, or those who are in need of in-depth study to complete essays, outlines… You have a lot of theories in Science in Brilliant, the practice sections are a bit thinner but also have a lot of land to refer to and learn more about how to apply in practice.

Improved problem-solving skills

One of the things you can change most clearly after studying Science subjects at Brilliant is: Your problem-solving and problem-solving skills are significantly improved. Partly because of the way active learning is built, when using Brilliant, you have to be constantly involved in the learning process, not just sit back and wait for the question or answer to come on its own. To reach a certain small goal in the lesson, you are required to solve a series of problems from easy to difficult. Through that process, knowledge penetrates deeply into the head and learners themselves see how to apply it to real life outside.

When you give the wrong answer, the application will have suggestions, not immediately give the answer, thereby suggesting slowly how to solve the problem. Over time you will learn to react more fluently and sharply when faced with any event.

Lessons are divided into modules, easy to understand and easy to absorb

To ensure each person’s time to focus and work most effectively as well as take advantage of a lot of free time in the day, Brilliant divides courses into many small modules. Each module consists of 5-10 problems and will take you about 15-20 minutes to complete. Such a duration is relatively easy to breathe and flexible for all time budgets.

The lessons in Brilliant also have a feature of being able to simplify Complex theories. With visual and vivid illustrations of words. As long as you have the ability to self-study and determination to follow, the knowledge will enter the beginning very quickly and stay longer than the normal way of learning theory.

Brilliant now offers more than 60 courses designed by award-winning teachers and researchers, covering everything from the basics of algebra, geometry, and physics to cutting-edge topics like artificial intelligence and neural networks. You can almost find everything you need in this app.

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Passionate about science subjects and looking for the most intuitive way to absorb and systematize knowledge, Brilliant is the app you should use with your school lessons, practice every day to have the ability to think sensitively. and sharper.

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