Download Cx File Explorer 1.8.2 APK for Android (Latest)

Cx File Explorer APK is a File Manager application on mobile devices. Put everything in the right place, save memory space, search more efficiently, smarter. Just an application called Cx File Explorer, you can do all of the above.

Introducing Cx File Explorer

Management application, mobile file search, both a housekeeper and a cleaner in a mobile apartment!

Why need a file management application on mobile?

After a period of use, taking pictures, recording videos, downloading and saving files, you realize that your phone has too many miscellaneous things, don’t know how to arrange, how to start. This is when you need a powerful file management application like Cx File Explorer.

What is Cx File Explorer?

This is an application that helps you manage all files on mobile devices. Management includes moving, copying, compressing, renaming, deleting, creating, sharing files and storing in the cloud.

Manage all the files in the device

Cx File Explorer will help you manage and organize folders according to your own preferences. Browse all files of all formats available on the device, create folders that put each file in the right place. From now on you can systematize all the data on your phone, group everything into the right folder, and store it in the right place. Through Cx File Explorer you can freely move, copy, rename, extract, delete, create new files/folders, share files/folders to many different destinations on both internal and external storage. bag.

Rearranging files on mobile isn’t just about putting everything in the right place, it has two big long-term benefits:

  • One is that you can find it easier when you need it because everything is in the right place. Just remember the “clue” to find the necessary files right away.
  • The second is to clean the device, freeing up space and saving space for other jobs later.
  • Manage storage, support cleaning, device cleaning

Cx File Explorer can also manage space on the device thanks to being equipped with an analysis and storage system for mobile devices by scanning the smartphone’s memory space and giving statistical results.

Through the archive analysis results visualized from Cx File Explorer, you can quickly decide which files to keep, remove, permanently delete unused files, compress bulky files and a host of other related tasks. After that, the mobile will be light, clean and have more room to wait for new files.

It’s not just file types that are numerous and scattered all over the place, making your device unorganized and slow. But there are a lot of applications that are present that also contribute to the heavy lifting of the device. Cx File Explorer also helps users manage all mobile applications. Management is here in terms of notifying the memory portions being consumed by all the applications on the device. Include detailed statistics of which applications are least used or have never been opened, or hidden applications you do not see. From there you will decide whether to delete them to clean up the device, freeing up some more memory or not.

Tasks with cloud storage

Cx File Explorer can also manage files “remotely”. Store files on mobile, share on cloud storage. File access on NAS (Network Attached Storage) such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV and LAN is also supported in Cx File Explorer. Alternatively, you can access your mobile development tape from your PC using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

User-friendly interface

There are many features in one, but Cx File Explorer retains simplicity and minimalism in interface design. Functions, displays, and explanations are neatly presented on the home page, so you can immediately find what you need. The interface in the feature pages of Cx File Explorer is so friendly that you feel like you are managing files on a PC or laptop, on the very familiar Office suite. Thus, file management is quick and easy.

Download Cx File Explorer APK for Android

If you are looking for an application that can support file management inside and out, share to cloud storage, and at the same time help somewhat in application management, cleaning and freeing up device memory, you can use Cx File Explorer. All tasks in one calculation are quite convenient.

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