Download Fake GPS 5.3.1 APK for Android (Latest)

Fake GPS APK is an application to create fake GPS location on the phone. In a moment, with just a few touches of the screen, you are immediately “present” in another city, another country in this world.

Introducing Fake GPS

Application to create fake GPS location on your phone: take you anywhere with just one touch!

GPS – Global Positioning System, is your location displayed on Google Maps, social networking applications or any application that needs to be located (such as Viber/ Grab, Now). , Shopee, Lazada…). GPS is a great way to monitor the route of vehicles in real time. GPS is also an address for friends and relatives to locate your exact location when needed, and there are many other situations that also need GPS.

But conversely, there are also cases where you will need virtual GPS, a fake GPS address to temporarily “fake” your geographical location. Why does this need to be done?

When to create fake GPS on the phone?

If you’re just thinking of catching Pokemon by creating multiple virtual presence points on your mobile, that’s a mistake. There are many situations where you need a fake GPS generator. For example, testing software for customers, to access some services or applications that are restricted to where you are actually present, instead of using a VPN service that creates a virtual IP, we can now access in another direction: change the location of your presence through the fake GPS navigation system.

Or when you join a social network or dating app and don’t want anyone to know your whereabouts accidentally or intentionally. It could also be because you don’t want anyone on Facebook or Google Maps-style tracking apps to know your real location. Or do not want to be controlled by relatives or any other individual through location applications that cannot be removed.

Or simply being in Vietnam and still checking in to Facebook from an address abroad. It’s awesome isn’t it?

All of these needs lead to a search for a fake GPS mobile generator. One of the most powerful applications available today is Fake GPS.

What is Fake GPS?

Fake GPS is an application that helps simulate the current location and create a virtual / fake GPS address for the user. Just a few simple touches, Fake GPS will instantly teleport you to a completely different place where you are living, present.

Use Fake GPS to make a joke with relatives and friends. But to “hide” from the tracking of GPS-integrated applications is also very convenient. Or simply to grab le on social networks or to catch a rare Pokemon.

Save history and create a list of favorite locations

You want to “go” to a favorite check-in place and want to come back when it attracts real likes. This is completely doable because Fake GPS allows you to save the history of all favorite lists and collect them in one place, to use, just take out and check in again. Quick and convenient.

Works with many other apps

When using Fake GPS to create a fake GPS, this new virtual address is easily recognizable by any GPS-integrated application. In general, having used Fake GPS, you have the same identification value as if you were in a real physical place.

There is a map to freely choose “destination”

Mark the places you want to go, want to check in, find out the interesting cities that other users often “go”. You can do this on Fake GPS to create interesting GPS points for yourself.

Manipulation using Fake GPS

Using Fake GPS is simple and fast. You just need to install the Fake GPS application on your device and then do the following:

  1. Step 1: Enable “Allow Mock Locations” in Development Settings of Fake GPS
  2. Step 2: Change location mode to “GPS only” or turn off Location Services mode to avoid cached fake locations when not using Fake GPS.

It’s done. Fake GPS interface is also very easy to understand. Anyone can use it without any problems.

Download Fake GPS APK for Android

Fake GPS, the application is small but effective and the applications in reality are not small. You can use Fake GPS to create a fake presence location for yourself and freely roam around without fear of being tracked by anyone.

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