Enjoy the work of a real farmer in Farm Land MOD APK (Unlimited Money) that will bring you a lot of fun. Join the game, you need to work continuously to expand your island through available farm work. If you are ready to experience a new farming game, download this game now.




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Android 7.1

Features MOD

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Unlimited money



Download Farm Land Mod – A new farm game with many attractive mechanics

Farm game series is relatively popular today with simple operation mechanism for players around the world to easily access. But if you want to enjoy a game with slightly more difficult mechanics, then Farm Land will be a suitable choice. This game does not merely revolve around farm work, but players will transform into real farmers and perform all available jobs.

You can’t tackle these tasks in a simple touchscreen fashion. Instead, you control the character to the corresponding positions to work. Publisher HOMA GAMES has made everything in this game more complicated than ever. Download the game via Google Play or the App Store to feel the difference right from the first experience.

Farm Land mod

The background of the island in the middle of the immense sea

The setting of the game takes place on a remote island in the sea. Here, you will start working right away like a real farmer. At first, things will be relatively difficult when you only own a fairly small field and rudimentary tools. Let’s start with familiar tasks like sowing seeds and watering.

The special thing is that the tree will grow very quickly, so you can harvest and collect money within a few short seconds. In general, the deserted island in Dat Farm has a lot of potential for development. You just need to do your job well to be able to expand and develop everything as you want. Accordingly, this game also owns a lot of attractive content for players to explore.

Complete the quest alone

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Farm Land is an adventure game that promotes the player’s independent work spirit during the experience. In the game, you need to complete the farm work alone without any other help. Of course, the sub-character system is also built-in in this game, you can hire them to complete any number of missions. But believe me, the workers working in the game won’t help you with all the quests.

For example, an agricultural harvester works only in a certain area and does not move to other areas. This means you need to hire someone new if you want to complete the harvest. Therefore, the main character will do all the jobs available in Farm Land. For example, choose farm products, livestock, grow instructions, find a place to shop, choose when to sell crops, etc. Although there are many different things to do, we believe you will soon see the results. fruit.

Farm Land mod download

Unlock new agricultural products

After a period of hard work, players will have the opportunity to unlock new agricultural products to develop their farm. Here, you can refer to some popular agricultural products such as apples, sunflowers, eggplants, wheat, tomatoes or buy seeds for breeding. The more the farm grows, the more opportunities you have to unlock new items or content. Accordingly, each type of agricultural production will have different selling prices and bring abundant money to develop the island.

Build buildings on the island

After ensuring a stable source of income, players can think of buying new lands to expand the area of ​​the deserted island. This will help you scale up farming to get more profit. At the same time, Farm Land also allows players to build structures to serve the main character’s life on the deserted island, such as building bridges, harbors, or windmills.

Simple, colorful graphics

Although Farm Land’s graphics are not comparable to other farm games on the market, we believe that this game does a great job at what it has to offer. When you join the game, you will quickly notice how simple the graphic design is. All details are built in a symbolic style and are not too edgy. Accompanied by a diverse color system with bright tones will surely bring you the most enjoyable experience.

Hack Farm Land

Farm Land MOD APK version

Features MOD

Download Farm Land MOD APK for Android

Farm Land will help players experience the life of a real farmer with many different jobs waiting. It could be shaking fruit trees, milking cows, fishing, shearing sheep, and many more activities. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to unlock new content to develop your farming empire to the highest level. If you want to make things easier, the MOD version below this article will be a great choice.

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