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FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro APK is a rather strange racing game where you do not control a car but hold a fleet of cars. That means your role right now is not a racer, but a professional racing coach.

Introducing FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro

How will a professional racing coach lead the team skillfully?

Rare strange role

FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro presents you with a pretty heavy challenge: to be a manager and professional racing coach for an epic fleet of cars. How will you do, what tactics will you use, how will you operate everything so that your team will always win glorious victories in world famous races.

With this role, it is clear that FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro does not focus on driving or racing experience. Which focus on Strategy calculation, unique racing tactics. It’s like you’re playing a Football Manager game. The job of a Manager and Coach will certainly be very different from that of a live racer. This is a completely new experience for those of you who have a special passion for racing.

Basic requirements of a coach

Leading a series of racing teams means you will have the opportunity to learn about and participate in a series of exciting car races from around the world. In each match, you will use your strategic mind and sharp management thinking to plan details, create training routes, formations, order, driver allocation and different races. , choose the type of vehicle to suit each type of race…

How to total points, the final result is always on your side. Winning makes your reputation fly away, more money to invest in bigger factors in terms of talent and name. Racers are more excited because they receive a series of bonuses and upgrades after each victory.

Gather units, create a mighty fleet of vehicles

First of all, you will find members for your exclusive fleet of cars yourself. Each player will have their own strategy. Some people want to start small, tend to recruit, train unnamed racers and make them heroes. Others want to start impressively, win the first match, you think good people will give good results, release the shrimp now to catch the shrimp in the future. Either way is fine as long as it can lead the way.

The more talented and famous the racers recruited, the higher the transfer fee or salary contract. And vice versa. That’s just the human part. You also have to consider investing in racing cars. What is your goal in the long run, how much budget you have in hand after hiring, which car to buy for which racer… all have to be weighed and balanced against reality.

When you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to take part in a series of mini-matches. It’s time for my friend to hone his Management and Coaching skills. It is also a time to help you accumulate money and play experience. Many small bonuses will add up to large amounts, giving you many new growth opportunities.

Constantly training, new selections, making changes to the combination of the fleet to suit each race

This is also a part of showing the strategy and tactics of FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro. Corresponding to the size of each race, the number of opponents in the round, you will be the one to decide how many drivers are on the team, what kind of cars are selected in each race, with stats and advantages. So, is it possible to guarantee the desired results or maintain the previous performance? Again the decision is up to you.

Play online with thrilling races on a global scale

Playing FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro will be the first time you see so many maps and so many upcoming races and races. Players from all over the world will always be present in the many championships that the game hosts. From small prizes, to bigger, national and then to international competitions. One day, you will make the whole world talk about your invincible fleet of vehicles.

To win in tough races, you will have to work hard to learn and combine the strengths of each racer in the degree to come up with a good strategy. Because each track itself will have a specified speed, a time limit and a different short and long track. So it will always be different for you to always be flexible in predicting and changing the layout of the driver and the race car.

Authenticity, correctness and clarity

The realism and realism in FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro shows in a lot of details. For example, after each race, the car is damaged or damaged, you will use your ability to modify and upgrade your car to repair and “modify” the car. Or you can use the money to order these components separately to repair your cars to become a powerful car with great speed.

FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro also offers diverse weather conditions. Wind, rain, snow, beautiful sunshine… For each type of weather, the map context is therefore also different, looking very fancy. Weather patterns will also bring their own difficulties and challenges. Choosing the right driver and vehicle from the start will help you quickly solve the challenge and quickly reach the finish line before other players.

One of the functions that shows the high realism of FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro: the life cycle of the racer and race car: new to the profession, training, going to battle, small wins, big wins, peaks, retired, retired and was replaced by a promising young racer. As if under the guidance of the Manager cum Coach as you, the fleet will become more and more famous to the point where people will recognize it wherever they go.

Imagine now, how many other benefits the advertising and sponsorship programs will bring to you and your fleet. However, you have not realized how bright the future is if you really use the right strategy.

Download FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro APK for Android

A strange racing game with the role of fleet manager. Beautiful color 2D graphics, engaging sounds and tons of engaging elements challenge your coaching management skills. Wish you have hours of great experience with FL Racing Manager 2022 Pro.

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