Shooting game genres always bring very high entertainment to players. Shooting genre has always received the love of gamers. A genre that never goes out of style. If you are someone who often looks for challenging shooting games to relieve stress, then HAWK MOD APK is the right suggestion for you. The game gives a realistic feeling when destroying all the enemies in the air. The following article, iGameHot.Net will give readers more interesting information about this interesting HAWK game.




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Download HAWK Mod – Destroy your opponent with a flying fighter

HAWK is set in the beautiful kingdom of Verdia but unfortunately is invaded by the dark and evil forces of Autocrat. When immersing in HAWK, players will be transformed into a royal hero character. Your task and the companion army is to confront the Autocrat forces and destroy them as quickly as possible with modern advanced weapons. Drive the enemy out of the territory and preserve the peace and safety of the kingdom of Verdia and the entire nation.

The special thing of HAWK compared to other games of the same genre is that these battles always take place in the air. Both you and your opponent have to control the fighter. Along with a treasure trove of state-of-the-art weapons for battle.

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Winning in HAWK is not easy. The first thing you do when you want to defeat your opponent is to know how to control the plane. Simple operation by touching the screen with your finger and moving the flying fighter left, right, up and down to avoid the rain of bullets from the opponent. Players must be skillful in manipulations. Both defense and attack to preserve the character’s energy. Because when hit by bullets, your health will drop quickly. So always have a thorough strategy to fight, to survive to the end.

Defeat the mighty Boss

To be able to win in the end as well as become a god in the HAWK game, you have to go through 190 different challenging levels. The difficulty will increase gradually with the height of the level. The higher it is, the more it requires the player to have skilled skills to be able to cope with the opponent. A lot of practice will give players a lot of experience to win. Manipulation as well as skill will increase through each level.

And the special thing that helps HAWK attract many players is the extremely fierce Bosses after each challenging level. Bosses only appear when you have destroyed all their small minions. Boss possesses many times the size of all other opponents. They also have special skills, very know how to make it difficult for players in battles. Strong attack power, advanced weapons are the strengths of this “giant flying fortress” – this final Boss. In order to win, in addition to skill requirements, gamers must also have their own modern combat weapons.

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Upgrade “comrades”

In HAWK, there are two special things that will always accompany you when fighting the Autocrat forces: guns and planes. HAWK’s difficulty increases gradually through the level. So, if you want to win later, you can’t use a fighter that can fly from start to finish. Players should upgrade and equip more for your companion, which is also the plane. In a fighter, there are many parameters for you to upgrade such as movement speed, damage, sustainability, strength… Raising these figures is the optimal way for you to fight your opponent. In addition to the number of available aircraft provided by HAWK, players also have the opportunity to unlock other aircraft. Their features are sometimes even more prominent than other available types. Therefore, during the battle, players do not forget to collect items and use money to unlock.

In addition to upgrading before the start of the battle, the player can also refresh the aircraft at the time of battle, especially when falling into a difficult situation. Killing enemies will come with instant rewards. Opening more features such as increasing the damage of the gun, expanding the barrel to increase the probability of hitting the target, creating shields for combat aircraft, etc. are great attractions of the items that players receive. Okay. Therefore, always remember to collect the rewards, do not be so absorbed in shooting and dodging the opponent’s bullets that you lose them.

Battle with friends

It’s boring if you just have to deal with the enemy alone. So HAWK created a co-op mode, giving the space to fight with others. If you have a group of friends, let’s join the HAWK game together, bond with friends. And if you don’t have a companion, don’t worry, the game will automatically match you randomly. This is also a great opportunity for you to make friends from all over the world, with people from all over the world. In co-op mode, you still operate to fight with the Autocrat forces, protect the safety of the people of the hidden Verdia like single-player mode. The gameplay of HAWK is very simple, any player will be fluent after a few times of experience.

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Features MOD

Download HAWK MOD APK for Android

HAWK is an engaging air combat game with modern guns. A very entertaining game. Therefore, if you are interested, quickly download HAWK MOD to your device to experience and feel for yourself.


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