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Idle Frontier MOD APK is a town building simulation game with elements of strategy and management. Immerse yourself in the production and distribution of goods on the busy land of the wild West. You can develop it into a most flourishing place.



Idle Frontier

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Unlimited money



About Idle Frontier

Idle Frontier is a game from publisher Kongregate, which has now reached more than 1 million installs on Google Play. This game is quite attractive with idle management gameplay and fun graphic style. Gamers will be immersed for hours with jobs such as manufacturing, distributing goods, making money from purchases and sales at the pier. It has a lot of content to explore, such as daily quest system, character system, item collection, etc. Thanks to that, gamers can freely explore and expand their experience while doing it. town owner.

Idle Frontier MOD

Idle Frontier – Click to produce, trade and get rich

Idle Frontier is available for free to download on mobile phones. The game capacity is quite light despite the rich content. So anyone can play it all the time to learn how to get rich from classic world trading operations. Tap, tap and tap more to produce and push your goods to more lands. Make money from it and turn the small town into a dreamland.

Fun and friendly idle game

As mentioned from the beginning, Idle Frontier has a simple but very close gameplay. It is similar to many economic management simulation games, where gamers can get rich from production and business activities. But here, they not only manage a store or a hotel but a large land in the Wild West. Start by running everything yourself, from the production of goods in the factory, to waiting for the goods by the transport ship to the delivery of the goods by the boat. But just click on the buildings to get everything working and profitable. Getting rich has never been this easy, right?

Over time, you can unlock more new factories, as well as new train cars, and form a smooth supply chain from start to finish. But business needs to have a clear strategy, not in a hurry, lest the money be lost. Pay special attention to points on the supply chain where the bottlenecks are for handling inventory. Besides, you should also pay attention to the cooperation relationships to exchange goods. Make sure your goods arrive at the required destination to receive the money. Money is the tool to develop your town. The more bustling, the happier and more affluent.

Unlock employee card to manage

Your town in Idle Frontier will get bigger and bigger, with dozens of quests to complete. Therefore, it is not possible to do it alone, it is best to hire more workers. Unlock new farmers with specialized skills and experience to take on different jobs. Some people specialize in production, others specialize in transportation and distribution. Each person has a job, but they all make an important contribution to the player’s supply process. The point of lack of human resources is immediate, inventory is also born from there.

There are many types of employee cards that gamers can find at the store. Of course, they need to pay to have the employees they want. In general, if you want to get something, use money. So you have to play hard or play the MOD version of Idle Frontier at IGAMEHOT to enjoy shopping without practice.

Upgrade to grow idle town

To develop their town, gamers need to upgrade regularly. So what upgrade? You’ll need to upgrade your plant, transportation, and staff to increase productivity. The working speed will be increased many times compared to the original so that the money is generated faster. So you can play faster to unlock more new content soon. At the same time, don’t forget to expand your town to new lands to add resources and value supply chains.

Idle Frontier MOD APK

Lovely chibi graphics

Anyone can easily fall in love with Idle Frontier the first time thanks to the fun chibi style. The game background is bright, colorful and energetic. Although the character is small, it looks funny and has flexible expressions. Idle operations in the game are also highlighted with vivid effects. Besides, the music is quite good with gentle but catchy background music. Thanks to that, gamers can play for hours and still feel relaxed and happy.

Idle Frontier MOD APK version

Features MOD

Download Idle Frontier MOD APK for Android

Explore the unspoiled town and develop it into a dreamland in Idle Frontier MOD APK. It has a bunch of fun but tap-to-play missions and manages your supply chain. Tap to produce, tap to ship and deliver. Getting rich is not difficult, because this is a leisurely game. Try now to immerse yourself in the promised land for commodity economy. You can make it grow so that everyone is happy. Manage and upgrade your talented employees, the most important people in this classic business model. Are you ready to try?

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