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Lets Pop APK is a casual game based on Pop-it toys for kids. Your task is to touch the screen, swipe from east to west, south to north or vice versa to change the color of the circular buttons in the screen matrix. The game sounds easy, but it’s hard to play for a while.

Introducing Lets Pop

Casual game inspired by children’s Pop-it toys, fun to play, easy but not easy


Do you know Pop-it toys of children? This game is simply a piece of soft plastic, shaped like this and that, colorful, inside are bulging round buttons that simulate ½ round sphere. These buttons are painted on one side a different color. The children will play by clicking these round buttons with their fingertips, flipping them to the other side. Whoever cheats all the circles fastest wins.

Applying the principle of “changing color” the round buttons of this Pop-it toy to a video game, a simple, lightweight casual game is available on mobile. The game is called Lets Pop.

Play Lets Pop, you just need to use your finger to swipe back and forth on the touch screen to change the color of the face for the round buttons in the maze. The game has only one principle and is designed with hundreds of levels. Simple but very interesting.

General Principles of Lets Pop

Lets Pop’s headache lies in this seemingly simple principle: When you are at a point, you can only go from that point to the walls of the maze and then bounce back from there. But it’s impossible to stop halfway or just move a pop or two. If you go, you have to go to the wall.

You also cannot move in diagonal rows of alternate moves. Only go straight in a row, left to right, right to left or top to bottom, bottom to top, no exceptions.

That’s why with mazes with many complicated turns in the middle of the cube, you have to think of a way to go through them from a certain wall.

Do you think this principle is difficult for you? Yeah, maybe everyone thought so for the first 10 or so levels. But about to the top twenty, you will start scratching your head because of situations that cannot be solved in the game. At this point, that “easy to play” game principle is what makes you extremely crazy.

Is it difficult to play Lets Pop?

The answer is no, also yes. It’s not difficult because the operation is as easy as turning the hand, swiping back and forth on the screen is done, Good luck can also pass the screen. Almost this game does not require you to think too much, especially the first few dozen levels. Easy to play, easy to control, accessible and can be played anywhere, suitable for all ages.

But that’s the surface. The reason I say Lets Pop is difficult to play is because the more complex the mazes/matrix becomes, the more branches there are. There are points that are almost impossible to solve with just a few touches of the screen, but have to go back and forth to find many different ways to get to the place you need to go. Seeing that colored dot right in front of me but not being able to pop it, that feeling really inhibits you guys.

Hundreds of challenging levels

Lets Pop offers hundreds of levels from easy to difficult. You have to pass this level to get to the next level. With such a large number of levels, Lets Pop promises to bring an almost unlimited Pop-it experience. Loss and lose you can follow anywhere.

Each level will differ in the number of circles, the color and the general shape of the matrix. Later on, the designs become more complicated, more obscure and require more patience and thought from the player. The more you play, the more you will realize the intelligence of this little game.

Download Lets Pop APK for Android

Lets Pop play for light entertainment is suitable, although easy but also has certain challenges, suitable for installing on the computer to spend time playing comfortably.

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