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Little Inferno MOD APK revolves around stories related to fireplaces, where players will burn things to feel more relaxed. In fact, each object burned in this fireplace will have its own meaning that you need to find out in detail about. If you want to know more about the game, check out this article.



Little Inferno

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Android 4.0

Features MOD

Unlimited money



About Little Inferno

With that said, the entire content in Little Inferno takes place in front of a fireplace, where the player will become the main character and burn everything he wants. All you need to do is pick up the surrounding objects and throw them into the fireplace, then enjoy moments of extremely interesting experience. Basically, the gameplay of this game is quite similar to the puzzle genre but combines more elements of adventure and leads players into interesting stories. From there, you will have bursts of emotions when completing the challenges in the game through very simple operations.

Little Inferno MOD

Little Inferno – Fireplace and mysterious stories related to surrounding objects

Publisher Tomorrow Corporation has really done a great job with its product when it comes to simple but attractive details. Although you only have to burn everything through the fireplace, believe me, the stories behind it are truly remarkable. Little Inferno is now available on both the App Store as well as Google Play allowing players to easily download to experience. Note, you will have to pay a corresponding fee of 4.99 USD for each download.

Burn everything through the fireplace in front of you

The gameplay of Little Inferno is really very simple, even any player can get used to it from the first time. You only need to do one action during the game, that is to record everything that appears on the screen. After completing the burning of items, you will receive a certain amount of bonuses. Use that money to buy new items, then start your burning business again. Although the gameplay of this game is repetitive, it will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

Buy new items to burn

Little Inferno allows players to access and own interesting items through the diverse shop available. Here you can find any object that you can burn or at least give a relaxing feeling when burning. It could be an old clock, a light bulb, a children’s toy or even a new robot.

Once ordered, the new items will be delivered to your home shortly after for the firing process. To put an item in the fireplace, you just need to touch the screen and drag and drop them to the desired position. Sometimes there will be a few letters sent to you with quite confusing content. If you want, you can click on the letter to read the content or skip them to continue your hot work.

Create special combos

If the concept of combos only appeared in RPG or fighting games, this is probably the first time it appeared on a puzzle game. Little Inferno allows players to create effective item-burning combos. This will give you more bonus after every burn. Each item in the game has its own way of working and you are the one to find the recipe to create combos by burning them. Typically, by burning a bomb clock, you can create a time bomb with the ability to explode. If you reach 99 combos or hit all the items in the game, you will conquer the entire content of this game. But that can’t happen in the short term, everything has to have a process.

Image quality

The way graphic design in Little Inferno evolves in 3D, along with highly abstract details. Maybe you will perceive objects that look like the real thing, but in some cases, everything will be completely new. Besides, this game does not have too many changes related to the context, you can only explore a corner of the room with the appearance of a fireplace throughout. In effect, this will give players the simplicity they need to focus more on their primary job of burning things up.

Little Inferno MOD APK version

Features MOD

Download Little Inferno MOD APK for Android

Little Inferno MOD APK is a puzzle game that seems to have simple mechanics but will attract players from the first time. Starting the fire and burning everything will bring you great relaxation after stressful moments when working and studying. Besides, new content is also regularly added to this game to help players freely explore without getting bored.

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