Download Microsoft Start 22.4.400401608 APK for Android

Microsoft Start APK is an application that helps personalize your news source online, helping you stay connected with the best, most optimized updates to all the news of the day, including shopping data and programs. Best deals in the vicinity.

Introducing Microsoft Start

The app that keeps you up to date with all the latest, most personalized and useful information on mobile!

Everyone needs an information filtering tool

You’ve probably sat down to look at an online newspaper, intending to only take 10 minutes, but then it turns into an hour when it’s not good.

There is so much information on the Internet every day, much of it not something you really care about. Receiving a lot of information at the same time can help you diversify and update more, but at the same time it also consumes a lot of time.

The same is true for finding discounts when shopping online. Unfortunately you can be drowned in the shopping pages. And before finding the first item to buy, it took a few hours of surfing the web to shop online.

Those are the times when you realize you need a tool to filter information the right way, exactly what you need and the fastest update anytime, anywhere. If you have this “urgent” need, you will probably need Microsoft Start

What is Microsoft Start?

Microsoft Start is an application that personalizes the data feed for Internet users. In other words, Microsoft Start is like a super filter. It will rely on your search habits on the application itself to filter out words, understand you slowly and at the highest level, automatically intelligently filter to bring you the best suggestions, close to your needs. needs and interests, the most interested in all news areas. Including: Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Science, Design, Lifestyle, Health Trends, Fitness… You can even go through Microsoft Start to find discounts when shopping, exploring Discover places to eat, coffee places and many other useful information.

You can use Start as a search engine and connect to OneDrive, connecting to Microsoft Rewards as needed. For those of you who often use these two tools to work, this ability to connect back and forth is very important.

A note from the developer: All of the above functionality is not available in all markets. Each country will have different actual features and display content. So you should not be surprised if your Microsoft Start has slightly different content than what you read from the introduction page. Hopefully in the near future, Microsoft Start will be invested more heavily to level the service in all geographical areas.

Connecting hot news around the world, national and local

Corresponding to its main use, surely the first feature of Microsoft Start will be here. Through Microsoft Start, when the number of searches is enough, the AI ​​data is enough to work, you will receive daily updates on the topics you are interested in or are following from 1,000 Premium publishers. Thereby discovering the stories that are being watched by many people with similar tastes, from hundreds of reliable sources around the world.

You can also get local weather report updates and instant forecast updates. With Microsoft Start, you can receive a wide range of local, national, and global news from more than 4,500 media outlets.

Not only news, it’s also about Games and a variety of other forms of entertainment

Using Microsoft Start you are not only updated with news about the field but also about Games and many other forms of entertainment. Microsoft Start can deliver thousands of small casual games with just one tap. Or you can choose to receive continuous breaking news from the latest celebrities, fashion events, music that you are interested in.

At the same time, the news on Health and Sports Trends is also constantly updated, bringing you the hottest events in sports, fashion and health worldwide.

Support shopping

Users can use Microsoft Start for shopping transactions, coupon hunting and cashback services when needed. You can use this app to compare prices of the same product in different regions, find the best priced deals and view detailed information about any product. This feature will help you often shop online a lot.

Download Microsoft Start APK for Android

Microsoft Start, a small application that acts as a filter for all information on the Internet to select what you really care about, want to read, and want to be updated. But the effect it brings is much more than just an ordinary filter.

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