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Streets of Rage 4 APK is a classic beat ’em up street fight, but now it’s been raised to a new level with epic fierce combos.

Introducing Streets of Rage 4

The classic beat ’em up game raises the bar with a range of heavy moves!

If you’ve ever been enamored with hours of playing with your neighbor in Street Fighter, or have been fascinated by the Ninja guys in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you’ve probably had many times sitting around trying to find a game similar to the old days to play. play on mobile.

The good news for you is that Sega Genesis’ once popular Streets of Rage series is now available on mobile. It’s time for you to enjoy the limitless fun of the nostalgic and breathtaking street fights of the day, right on your everyday mobile device.


In Streets of Rage 4, you will be a hero, with your friends (up to a team of 4) or play solo to go around the streets to clean up criminals. No matter which hero you play, you will still return to the familiar controls: control the character navigation with the left-hand buttons, and use the right-hand button cluster to punch, kick, throw or do action moves. out special combos. Along with the items that are sometimes rewarded by the game in the middle of the game screen such as healing, speeding up, quick moves …

Streets of Rage 4 is a new bottle of old wine. The new graphic style has been reworked to make it more eye-catching and modern, but the appeal from the classic gameplay of the original game remains the same. Unlike role-playing games of today, when playing Streets of Rage 4, no matter which hero you choose, from beginning to end, the character only has one type of fighting, one move, one or two combos fixed and no is there any other upgrade mechanism.

At most, there are a few more temporary buffs on the way to the fight. But those of you who have played this classic arcade game, understand that the immutability of framing that character is the addictive thing of the series. Players can now unlock up to 5 new iconic and playable characters and battle your way across 12 different levels to bring order to the streets

Because there is no way to increase power from the outside in, the game situation is more realistic. Since then, it requires players to constantly use their strategic mind and make all clear calculations before going into battle. The sincerity in fighting also helps players have more time and space to admire the fighting process of the characters, have more opportunities to observe opponents, analyze their strengths and weaknesses to strike better. . The feeling of old-fashioned hack and slash returning also makes you feel like you’re sitting in front of an old home console and enjoying a carefree childhood.

But it’s not just because of “old wine” that Streets of Rage 4 loses its freshness. You will meet the familiar big enemies of this series like Signals and Galaxias. And also added some new boss battles, and some new villains to increase the richness of the plot. The main heroes still come out from the original game, but the way of fighting has been somewhat more brutal, typically Floyd, who was once aggressive, is now more aggressive with kicks, shooting and throwing enemies with force.

During the game, you can accumulate points to unlock many new characters. And use these characters to continue or replay the old levels if you like. Because the nature of each character has different abilities and moves, the replayability of Streets of Rage 4 is also quite good. Of course that can’t be compared to the multi-ending non-linear games we know today.

Graphics and sound

The action in Streets of Rage 4 takes place extremely quickly, attractively. Accurate blows, effective punches, eye-catching combos are what you will be impressed with Streets of Rage 4. Witnessing burly enemies in front of you falling down, or being hit by a powerful combo. God, that’s a hobby only those who love beat ’em up will understand.

The graphics of Streets of Rage 4 compared to the original have been much improved, bringing a smoother, modern look and brighter colors. I like the sinewy look of the original game better, but it’s obvious to young people these days that this is easier to get into.

The music of Streets of Rage 4 also has many new features. Although using the old background, the songs have been cut and mixed together with some new songs to create more attractive battle scenes.

Download Streets of Rage 4 APK for Android

Streets of Rage 4 is a fun game that brings back a lot of old memories. It’s not to everyone’s taste, nor is it quite a change in the direction of a completely modern, but at least the worthwhile mixes in Streets of Rage 4 will give you a new look at a road fighting game. The famous street of the 90s.

We are waiting for the game to launch in the near future.

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