Apple on the morning of June 7 announced the new iOS 16 operating system for its mobile devices. The most noticeable big change is in the lock screen, which Apple calls the biggest update ever. Regardless of the still or animated image settings, users can customize how the date and time are displayed. Each element is deeply customized with different fonts, colors and shades.

You can also customize which widgets appear below the date and time. Notifications on the lock screen now occupy the lower part of the screen, so as not to cover the background image.

Apple’s goal is for users to see more data without unlocking the iPhone.

However, the official iOS 16 version has not been released yet. Normally, this operating system will be released with the new iPhone launched in September. However, Apple has released a trial version for developers and technology enthusiasts, to help it receive feedback to optimize for the official iOS version.

Eager to upgrade to iOS 16, many iPhones in Vietnam have minor errors - Photo 1.

The iOS 16 standby screen (left) and a warning about the beta version of iOS before the user decides to download it. (Photo: Chau Cuong, Huong Nguyen)

Specifically, according to Facebook user Hoang Nguyen, his iPhone when updating to the new version encountered an unstable Vietnamese typing situation – unable to type or jump other characters by itself, the Home screen sometimes disappeared.
In Vietnam, many people have updated to the above iOS 16 version. As usual, some new features delight users, but there are also minor bugs that arise due to the incomplete operating system.

However, many people are most concerned about the fact that many banking applications and e-wallets work unstable on the trial iOS version. User Vu Xuan Thu said that some banking applications with e-wallets “sometimes can’t be entered”.

User named Cuong said that Techcombank’s banking application is currently not stable on the new platform. Particularly Vietcombank and eFast (Vietinbank) are used normally. Applications of other banks and financial companies such as ACB, MB, VP BANK, Timo are said to be still compatible.

While some people are eager to upgrade to the new iOS, many others are hesitant. “The big change is each standby screen while I rarely look at the standby screen,” commented Van Thong Tran. Meanwhile, another person shared, the banking application is very necessary, but it is unstable, so he will not upgrade.

Many other people, even though they love to learn about the new iOS, are afraid of battery problems and platform stability, so they decide to wait for the official version next September.

As observed, iOS 16 currently only supports devices from iPhone 8 and later. iPhone 7 and earlier generations may not be able to upgrade to the new operating system.


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