Epic raised 2 billion USD in investment capital in metaverse and related projects, Sony contributed half

Epic Games has just announced a successful funding round, when it received up to 2 billion USD in investment. Notably, half of them come from Sony technology group. According to the content of the statement, the large amount will be spent in “developing new digital experiences for fans‘ and endeavor to build a ‘metaverse“.

The good news came to Epic not long after they opened the Unreal Engine 5 project to anyone interested. The powerful game engine will lead the new wave of graphics in the future, and many developers have decided to choose Unreal Engine 5 as the foundation for building new projects.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Sony invest heavily in Epic. In 2020, Epic received $250 million from the Japanese tech giant. A year later, Sony continued to pour $200 million in capital for Epic Games. The amount of money Sony has just poured into Epic is more than twice the sum of the previous two rounds.

Epic called for $ 2 billion in investment capital in metaverse and related projects, Sony contributed half - Photo 1.

In the statement, Sony did not directly mention the projects they will cooperate with Epic, but based on the words of the directors, it can be seen that Sony is trying to promote the development of the virtual reality segment. Understandably, when Sony also announced a new VR device not too long ago.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney commented: “This investment will accelerate metaverse construction, while creating a space where gamers can have fun with friends, brands can build immersive and creative experiences, and content creators Content can build community and grow it“.

Also in the press release, Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida said that the investment will further strengthen the relationship of the two companies in the field of metaverse development.

We’re confident in Epic’s expertise, given their powerful game engine, and combined with Sony’s technology, [màn hợp tác] will accelerate the development of new digital experiences in both sports and other virtual reality projects“, said President Yoshida.

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