In an effort to combine two virtual real worlds, the trend of making real money from virtual shoes is taking the runner community by storm. Paying a fee through the initial investment to buy NFT shoes, you can join the community of people who profit with just the move.

The trend of personal health care has existed since time immemorial, modernizing day by day. When people no longer have to run to hunt and gather every day, people approach the act of “running” as a good habit that goes hand in hand with pastimes.

As technology creeps into every aspect of life, running has been digitized. With the purchase of NFT shoes on the move-2-earn application – move for profit, healthy activities can now be profitable for the wallet.

The run-for-profit model quickly morphed - Photo 1.

Virtual shoes to run for real, earn real money.

The new model quickly caught the attention of both the GameFi community and a large group of self-care enthusiasts. Move-to-earn (M2E) becomes a bridge between communities that seem to have nothing in common.

In the middle of the trend line, another new community appeared, connecting the two groups. Bringing together people who are passionate enough about M2E to run and make money, the “boat driver” group teaches how runners make a profit just from moving quickly around the vacant lot. With only endurance, running skills and free time, you can earn extra income.

The run-for-profit model quickly morphed - Photo 2.

Extreme thinking will make movie enthusiasts think of the Netflix series called Black Mirror, famous for its plots depicting a dark world where technology dominates people. The second episode of season one is about a… special profession: spot-bike for profit. Profits from each pedal are used for everything from buying toothpaste to skipping ads shown on screens.

Black Mirror correctly predicted the existence of a money-making model in the virtual world. However, like most satirical films, the world-building details are pushed to the extreme. People living in this world have long been separated from nature, living in closed cages surrounded by screens, eating artificial food for strength … cycling to earn money.

The run-for-profit model quickly morphed - Photo 3.

Daily work: cycling.

The run-for-profit model quickly morphed - Photo 4.

The bedroom is surrounded by countless screens.

The episode also talks about humanity rekindled somewhere in a dark society, dominated by invisible forces. Honestly, empathy between people is still what connects unfamiliar communities together. The GameFi team and the running team found each other like that, they both saw the benefits of M2E, both earned money from their passion, both saw the same thing in each other amid the chaotic digital space.

However, the M2E model that turns the general into a gathering center for people running around to make money has crossed the threshold of extremes with one foot. Using inherent running power, mobility skills to earn a side income is a very interesting GameFi direction, as long as it doesn’t turn it into a real-life Black Mirror episode.

The M2E trend is still in its infancy, FOMO will entice individuals who want to quickly get rich from two white feet. When the trend subsides, the “empty fields” gathering runners to earn money for others are gradually sold according to the real estate fever, running in this M2E field will happen again like a gymnastics step by step. morning only. page-20220331161134341.chn



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