On the afternoon of June 1, the Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance decided to adjust the retail gasoline price every 10 days.

In this adjustment period, the inter-Ministry decided to increase E5 RON 92 gasoline to 600 VND/liter with a maximum retail price of 30,230 VND/liter. For gasoline RON 95 is also adjusted up by 920 VND/liter with a maximum retail price of 31,570 VND/liter. This is the 5th consecutive price increase.

Not only increasing the price of gasoline, but also oil products, at this operating period, the inter-Ministry also decreased sharply. Specifically, the selling price for diesel oil is 26,390 VND/liter, kerosene is 25,340 VND/kg, fuel oil is 20,900 VND/kg.

In this adjustment period, the governing body will stabilize the fund with 100-500 VND/liter for gasoline, 100-300 VND/liter/kg for oil.

Gasoline prices continue to follow a record increase but are still lower than in the world 1

Regarding the issue of gasoline prices, which increased to a record high, talking to Knowledge Online, Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien said that compared to the world, Vietnam’s gasoline price is still lower, so there is a situation of “flowing” petroleum to go abroad”.

Mr. Dien revealed that the increase in gasoline and oil prices increases the cost of input materials, increases production costs, and affects the implementation progress of the socio-economic recovery program.

But Vietnam has a very high openness, so the goods are mainly exported, if input prices are pressed, the product prices will not reflect the correct value, causing damage to the country’s economy.

“We produce and sell to consumers all over the world, the product’s price does not reflect the correct value, is it damage?”, Mr. Dien raised the issue.

On the other hand, he emphasized that Vietnam is a trading partner of many countries and territories. If we force input prices, there is a risk of being sued for anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, even, partners can sue us for currency manipulation.

Talking about the solution, the head of industry and trade emphasized that it must be considered and calculated very carefully, it cannot be said one way. Therefore, on the one hand, we must try to use tools, including taxes, to control the market to reduce prices.

In the event that gasoline prices rise too high, we must use welfare policies to support the disadvantaged, so that we can be “both inside and outside”.

“If we just lean in the direction of how to make prices really low, to help reduce the price of input materials, it will cause great damage to the economy and bring more consequences such as being sued and possibly causing trafficking. smuggled”, Mr. Dien repeated.

Regarding gasoline prices, which are increasing to a record high, talking to Tien Phong online, National Assembly delegate Hoang Van Cuong (Hanoi delegation) said that domestic gasoline and oil prices have increased sharply due to a sharp increase in world prices. . Therefore, when gasoline prices increase, people are directly affected, and the whole economy is affected because gasoline is an input item, through which the goal of controlling inflation will also be very difficult. difficult. Therefore, measures must be taken, how to limit price increases, control and stabilize gasoline prices.

In terms of space, in order to control the increase in domestic gasoline prices, we are forced to review and continue to cut additional revenues, such as taxes and fees, which must continue to be cut, Mr. Cuong added.

“As prices continue to increase, there is also room for us to continue to reduce taxes. Although tax reductions at this time along with the policy of deferral, exemption from contributions will affect the budget, but we have to accept that the budget revenue will be affected to stabilize prices, so it will make more sense than continuing to maintain it as it is now,” said Mr. Cuong.

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