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Domestic gold price

Domestic gold price today had green colors in the first day of trading.

Doji gold in Hanoi increased by 250,000 VND/tael on the buying side and increased 300,000 VND on the selling side, currently listed at 60,750 million VND/tael in the buying side and 61,450 in the selling side.

Phu Quy SJC gold price is also having positive green colors in this morning’s session, Phu Quy SJC gold increased by 150,000 VND in the buying afternoon and 200,000 VND in the selling afternoon.

Gold price today December 31: Reversing spike in the last trading session of the year 1
Gold price today December 31, gold prices in the domestic and world markets both reversed and skyrocketed in the last session of the year. Photo: Internet

Doji gold price in Saigon now increased more strongly, increasing by 300,000 VND in the buying afternoon and 200,000 VND in the selling afternoon compared to the previous session.

World gold price

In the morning session of December 31, the gold price in the world market rebounded strongly, reaching $1,815.7/ounce, up $10.4/ounce compared to the early morning of December 30.

Economists say the latest unemployment data from the labor market will give the Federal Reserve more confidence in accelerating progress on reducing monthly bond purchases and tightening monetary policy sooner. than expected.

In addition, the slight increase in the USD index as well as the 10-year US Treasury bond yield currently at 1.529% are also considered negative news for the gold market.

Gold price forecast

Gold price forecast: Gold price fell 3.10 USD to 1,802.9 USD while the global stock market continues to record stable trading levels.

According to Kitco’s market analyst, the gold price in the future will rise above the current level.

One of the factors affecting the gold price is that inflation will have more complicated movements in 2022 and it will be difficult for the Fed to do anything to control this situation.

This would be one of the worst scenarios for those holding stocks and bonds, but good news for those looking to invest in gold.

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