Google Play Games launches beta version, bringing Android games to Windows

Google has just launched a limited test version of the Google Play Games app, which helps bring Android games to Windows computers. This beta will only be accessible in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, allowing Windows users to play popular Android titles like Mobile Legends, Summoners War, State of Survival and Three Kingdoms Tactics.

Google says users will be able to seamlessly play games between smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks and Windows computers. Promising users will be able to continue their game between different devices.

Google Play Games launches a beta version, bringing Android games to Windows - Photo 1.

Google Play Games Product Manager Arjun Dayal said: “Players can easily download and experience their favorite mobile games on PC, with a larger screen and mouse-and-keyboard control. Syncing with your Google Play Games profile, games can continue without interruption.

Google only announced its plans to bring Android games to Windows a month ago, and this is an independent effort without a partnership with Microsoft. It is currently unclear what technology the search giant uses to make Android games run on Windows.

However, Google Play Games will be a native Windows app and not a cloud gaming service. Google said it will also open a website for developers, to provide more information and help developers customize their Android games to be compatible with how they are played on PC.

Google’s statement comes just a few months after Microsoft also started testing bringing Android apps to Windows 11. Microsoft has built a subsystem for Android, like an emulator. However, Microsoft partnered with Amazon’s app store to download apps and games.

It seems that Google saw that Microsoft had surpassed itself, so it created its own application to help users play Android games on Windows computers. Google Play Games’ Android game store is currently still limited due to the testing process, but promises to have a full range of games on Google’s Play Store when officially launched.

Reference: theverge


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