Hackers caused a series of players to be “banned” full of injustice, challenging the developer to stop them

Malcolm Reynolds is a famous hacker who has been attacking FromSoftware’s games since they released Dark Souls 3 in 2016. And a big blockbuster like Elden Ring can hardly escape this guy’s sights.

According to Kotaku, in early March, Malcolm began attacking other players’ worlds, defeating them with unusually strong, nearly unstoppable spells and moves. However, that was only the beginning. The attacks that Malcolm uses have a side effect of adding forbidden items to the opponent’s inventory. These items were originally used only during game development, not included in the official version.

Malcolm even posted his hacking process and how he got a bunch of other players soft-banned.

Thus, when Malcolm’s defeated generals resurrected, they held the “illegal” items in the Elden Ring without even knowing it. And as a result, they were unjustly soft-ban (temporary ban). They can still enter the online mode of this game, but can only interact with other cheaters.

Sharing with Kotaku via Discord, Malcolm said his aim was to prove to FromSoftware that their game still had too many holes, and also challenged them to stop their actions. Malcolm describes himself as a “necessary villain” that the development team should look to to learn from and create better anti-cheat software for Elden Ring and future products.

It sounds quite lofty, but in a video posted on YouTube in early March, it can be seen that Malcolm’s attitude is quite joking, amusing, even gloating and mocking his victims. me.

So if we encounter this bad hacker, what should we do to avoid being soft-banned? According to a famous post in the r/darksoul3 sub-reddit from 2016, the best way is to disconnect as soon as you notice something unusual, or find a way to kill your character as soon as possible, avoid let Malcolm’s forbidden spell hit.

According to Kotaku

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