How to hack Blooket with answers – The latest learning game application 2022

Blooket is a tool used to create a quiz game platform. Blooket allows teachers and students to increase interaction with each other to create excitement in learning. A special thing about this platform is that users can hack Blooket answers to answer questions as quickly as possible. This article will detail how to hack Blooket with the latest and most effective answers.

Learn about the Blooket . app

If you are looking for an application that allows teachers to increase the level of interaction in the classroom, then Blooket is a perfect choice. On this platform learning is gamified, teachers organize learning-by-play quizzes and students answer on the device.

Students will receive points for answering the question correctly. There are hundreds of pre-made quizzes on Blooket. This way of learning helps to increase students’ interest in learning and not be stressed or pressured. On Blooket, the puzzles are arranged and arranged vividly, with unique content stimulating the curiosity of players to explore. Together with Blooket create a set of fun learning and learning quizzes, you perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit website and register for an account. You can choose to sign up with your Gmail or Google account.
  • Step 2: After registering an account, you log in again. At the Blooket homepage, there will be options to compose a questionnaire yourself or refer to an existing set of questions. You just need to click on the desired feature.

How to hack Blooket with answers

Instructions to hack Blooket have the simplest answer

To get the most correct answers and score more points, students often try to hack answers on Blooket. Here is a guide on how to hack the simplest and most used Blooket answers:
Use Cheat Code to hack Blooket answers

The essence of using Cheat Code is the cheat codes in the game. To get the Cheat Code, users do the following:

  1. Open a web browser, enter hack Blooket in the search box
  2. Next, select GitHub- glixzzy/blooket-hack: the Official Blooket Hack
  3. Click the Go to File item in the upper right corner of the screen, then scroll down and select global/getEvery AnswerCorrect.js
  4. When you see the cheat code displayed on the screen, now click on the copy icon to copy the cheat code.
  5. After copying the Cheat Code, you perform the following operations to hack the entire answer:
  6. Visit the website:, then enter the game room ID that the teacher has provided.
  7. Right after that, enter the Nickname on Blooket into the system and then click the arrow to log in.
  8. On the screen select any game icon and then click Start.
  9. When receiving the questions displayed on the screen, now people right-click, select Inspect => Console (if using Vietnamese language, select Inspect => Control Panel).
  10. Paste all the copied Cheat Code into the empty box in the Console section, press Enter.
  11. After seeing the message display, select OK.
  12. Next, you just need to choose any answer, the system will display the Correct message.

Thus, with simple operations as above, everyone has successfully hacked Blooket the answer in the simplest way.

Hack the most correct answer even though you don’t know the specific answer

To hack answers on Blooket, another commonly used optimal way is to get tokens in Blooket. We follow these steps:

  1. Go to any web browser, search for
  2. Click Blooket in the Important Links section at the main interface, drag 3 items: Autofill Token, Auto Answer, Mutitool (Beta) to the toolbar of the web browser to facilitate hacking.
  3. Use address, then proceed to login
  4. On Blooket, enter the game room ID provided by the teacher, enter the user’s nickname.
  5. On the screen showing a lot of game icons, select any icon and press Start.
  6. Click on the item Frenzy to proceed with the hack.
  7. When the question has been output to the screen, click on the Auto Answer icon installed on the toolbar in the step above.
  8. Next, click Answer to confirm the answer to the question.
  9. The result on the screen is Correct, so you got the correct answer even though you don’t know what the specific answer is.
  10. In addition, there are many types of Blooket hacks such as hacking blooket with full skin answers, Hack Blooket receiving $500 and 300 XP. Each type of hack has different implementation steps.

Review the Blooket . app

It can be said that hacking Blooket helps students to be more active in learning. Not only that, students can also increase their chances of getting points and receiving money through this platform. In another aspect, the purpose of Blooket is to create an entertaining learning environment, to help teachers easily access lessons with students and also help students reduce pressure in learning.

Some notes to know when hacking Blooket answers

In fact, hacking Blooket is a violation of web standards, so the account is easily at risk of being locked. People may also face some risks when hacking Blooket such as infected computers, losing account information when accessing links during the hacking process.

With the utilities that Blooket brings, it attracts more and more people to use this platform. This article provides some information about Blooket and how to hack Blooket with commonly used answers. Hope everyone will put it into practice in the most appropriate and effective way.

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