Crowded over 800 iFan standing in line to buy free iPhone 13 early

iFan queued for 2 hours without getting tired, because TopZone suddenly gave away free iPhone 13 Pro Max - Photo 1.

On the morning of June 18, TopZone APR 163-165 Khanh Hoi (District 4, Ho Chi Minh City) was packed with 800 iFans lined up from 5-6am. Holding an event invitation card to celebrate the milestone of 50 TopZone stores in his hand, Mr. Tuan Kiet (32 years old) said that waiting for 1-2 hours “was nothing” compared to jostling from the night to buy an iPhone early in Singapore. Even everyone thinks the time is “worth it”, because all customers will definitely receive 1 of 3 great deals: 10 free iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB purchases, 100 iPhone 13 Pro purchases Max reduced 50% to only 17 million VND, and 800 vouchers to buy 1 million VND.

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Departing from home at sunrise, Mr. Truong Bao Kiem (44 years old, Thu Duc) took more than half an hour to cross half an hour around the city to check-in the event, where he had to stand at the end of a long line. , but it’s still worth it because I won an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Because he stood too far away, when his name was called, Mr. Kiem had to rub his ears for fear that he would mishear. Even when he got on the podium to receive the award, he still couldn’t escape the feeling of surprise and joy when the god of luck called his name.

iFan queued for 2 hours without getting tired, because TopZone suddenly gave away free iPhone 13 Pro Max - Photo 2.

Overcoming 34,000 online registrations to reach the top 800 offline attendees were lucky, becoming 10 owners to buy iPhone 13 Pro Max for free is even more miraculous. As a true iFan, Mr. Kiem has used the first iPhone since the company was first launched, the iPhone 1 is still kept in the glass cabinet as a souvenir. With this special iPhone 13, he will forever remember this lucky symbol associated with the milestone of TopZone opening 50 stores in Vietnam.

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In the morning, I don’t remember which step I took to the street, but Huynh Minh Nhat (27 years old, Go Vap) also entered the top 10 luckiest iFan in Vietnam this occasion. He just dropped his phone in the water last week, his small dream is just to be in the top 100 to buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max at half price, this week suddenly received a free Apple product. Luckily, he couldn’t help it, in a group of nearly 10 registered players, he was also the only one to win the prize.

iFan rates TopZone’s 5-star service “above excellent”

Queuing from 6am until the sun falls, but iFans are still very excited to join the event. Standing outside for a long time, but few people feel tired, because TopZone has thoughtfully given good T-shirts, drinks, vouchers… to customers right from the time of check-in. The event was also well-planned, applying technology to bring new experiences with special coded invitation cards, music performances and many unexpected gifts… making iFan forget the hot weather.

iFan queued for 2 hours without getting tired, because TopZone suddenly gave away free iPhone 13 Pro Max - Photo 3.

At 8am, TopZone APR Khanh Hoi store turned on the cool air conditioner, opened the door to welcome customers to experience countless products of the Apple ecosystem. On this occasion, the chain offers a mass discount of 10-20% for all iPhone, iPad, Airpods, Macbook products… until June 24 at all stores nationwide. There is an additional discount voucher of 1 million VND, people are more eager to shop.

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Having experienced Apple’s AAR (Apple Authorized Reseller) store in the US, Malaysia and Singapore, Mr. Kiem considers TopZone not inferior to foreign countries. According to the roadmap every 2 years, Apple will upgrade the authorized store to a new version. TopZone is the leading new updated authorized version in the world today with a youthful design, luxurious white-black paint, high-class wooden floors, and imported furniture according to strict standards from Apple. .

iFan queued for 2 hours without getting tired, because TopZone suddenly gave away free iPhone 13 Pro Max - Photo 4.

Mr. Nguyen Van Pho opened the iPhone 13 seal with a 50% discount on the spot, also evaluated the products here “how much”, the staff greeted him “warmly” from the moment he walked in the door and the service “covered coffee”. “, giving him the best experience ever. “Next time, I will definitely visit TopZone again and tell my friends, because the chain has very good sales and after-sales service, it would be great if we add Vietnamese goods in the US in the future.” , Mr. Pho said excitedly.

At the event, CEO of The Gioi Di Dong & Dien May Xanh chain, Mr. Doan Van Hieu Em, thanked iFans for trusting and choosing TopZone, helping the retail chain to rank No. 10 billion dong despite “late birth” compared to other chains. In response to this sentiment, he announced that he will open 200 TopZone stores by the end of 2022, aiming for 1 billion USD in revenue by the end of 2023, bringing the next iPhone generations to the US market as soon as possible, and upgrading the ecosystem retail market. “Apples” in Vietnam is on par with Singapore for iFans to enjoy the best shopping privileges.

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