TSMC said the 3nm chip is likely to supply Apple’s iPhones as TSMC will ship to customers in 2023.

iPhone 15 may only use the old 3nm chip because it is difficult for TSMC to catch up with Samsung's 2nm process before 2025 - Photo 1.

The 3nm process will have five iterations until at least 2025. TSMC says it will improve power/performance in various ways such as higher transistor density and voltage regulation.

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Speaking of voltages, TSMC’s FinFlex toolkit will be available in its 3nm chips, allowing Apple, Qualcomm and all other customers to experiment with different options to balance power consumption and performance. performance at will to achieve cost effectiveness.

However, the 2nm process is more interesting. As the manufacturing process shrinks compared to the current leading 4nm/5nm chip lines, the performance impacts become negligible and the focus is on ancillary features that chip designers need to solve.

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The 2nm process will use the new GAA FET (Gate All Around Field-Effect Transistor) technology and Samsung will use the GAA FET in 3nm chips from this year.

Although TSMC will join the “party” of GAA FET a few years later, it promises to increase performance by up to 15% or reduce power consumption by up to 30% for the new 2nm chip line.

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