Analysts have previously stated that the new iPhone SE 3 will be difficult to sell, and indeed their predictions were correct. The latest statistics from research firm Wave7 corroborate this prediction through data from carriers in the US.

iPhone SE 3 sold poorly in the US market because of its small size, even few people know it has been released - Photo 1.

Outdated design, lack of attention and advertising from Apple, plus fierce competition from rival smartphone lines make iPhone SE 3 very difficult to sell in the US market and also Apple’s hometown. .

Research company Wave7 surveyed carrier stores in the US and came to the above conclusion. Wave7 emphasized, the demand for this year’s iPhone SE 3 is weaker than the previous iPhone SE, even the demand for iPhone SE 3 is lower than Apple’s expectations.

56% of service provider representatives who responded to the survey agreed that demand for iPhone SE 3 is weaker than demand of its predecessors. In fact, a Verizon executive shared that “not many people know” the iPhone SE 3 has even launched.

On the other hand, 8% of respondents said that demand has improved but not much.

Wave7 said that the fact that Apple quietly launched and did not promote the iPhone SE 3 series was part of the reason why this product was sluggish. Even Apple does not have any ads on TV, radio, banners, outdoor posters promoting iPhone SE 3. The company only has one iPhone SE 3 promotional video on Apple’s YouTube channel.

But that’s not all. After Peek Performance announced the latest low-cost iPhone, Apple shared some promotional videos about devices like the iPad Air 5 but didn’t mention the iPhone SE 3.

Apple’s lack of interest in the iPhone SE 3 and adopting an old design makes this product less attractive than its predecessor. With a screen size of only 4.7 inches, this is Apple’s smallest current iPhone. Some store representatives revealed that the small screen is no longer a factor to attract customers as before.

But on the other hand, some customers also expressed more interest in iPhone 11 and iPhone SE than other Android competitors.

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