After a period of launch, iTel has received a lot of attention from young people and those who are always looking for mobile services that are affordable and economical but still come with high quality and rich experiences. . Always interested in the customer’s experience, iTel launched the My iTel application and completed the website to choose

My iTel app is full of offers and utilities

 iTel takes another step in perfecting the customer experience with the My iTel App and the website choose - Photo 1.

“Free is still MAX happy” describes exactly what My iTel brings to customers, especially dynamic young people. Now not only cheap but also free, iTel introduces the My iTel application – allowing users to easily perform all simple Self-Service operations on the phone screen: Register TTTB, look up and update TTTB ; re-issue lost or damaged SIM; register for eSIM;… Not only that, My iTel also gives users thousands of free extensions such as: playing games, watching movies, accumulating points to redeem gifts, hunting for hot deals,… With this super HOT content, customers can enjoy the experience, enjoy a fun and relaxing time with endless online entertainment right on My iTel application.

To download My iTel application, Customers can access the link:

Choose numbers very quickly and easily with the vast number of numbers on the Website

iTel promotes website improvement and upgrading so that Customers can choose numbers, buy SIM cards quickly, make convenient payments, ship goods to their places as well as easily access other digital services of the network.

 iTel goes one step further in perfecting the customer experience with the My iTel App and the website choose - Photo 2.

To find out more information about My iTel App as well as mobile phone products and services at number 087, customers can contact iTel Mobile Network fanpage ( as well as website: for the best advice. itelvn-202206201536197.chn


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