Just last year, it still “protects the environment”, this year Xiaomi has “turned the car”, giving a full charger and cable to Xiaomi buyers 12

At the end of 2020, at the launch ceremony of the Mi 11, Xiaomi announced that it would remove the charger and cable from the box of these machines. The reason given by Xiaomi comes from the fact that most users already have a charger, and removing it is a move to “protect the environment”.

Just last year, it was

Xiaomi once announced that it would remove the charger from the box of the Mi 11 smartphone to protect the environment.

At this point, many people think that Xiaomi is merely “imitating” what Apple has done. Because, the iPhone 12 series launched by Apple 3 months ago (September 2020) also removed the charger and headset, and the reason Apple gave was also “environmental protection”.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has denied this theory, claiming that his company considered the idea of ​​eliminating charging five years ago. Xiaomi CEO said that since June 2015, he has had a status line on the Chinese social network Weibo to collect user opinions about the charger reduction test. In addition, Mr. Lei Jun added a story when Xiaomi moved the office in 2019, a lot of chargers were thrown away. Therefore, the idea of ​​​​removing the charger from the smartphone was once again thought of by him.

However, all of that is meaningless. Recently, Xiaomi has officially launched the latest generation of high-end smartphones, Xiaomi 12. Instead of continuing last year’s efforts in “environmental protection”, Xiaomi no longer mentions that. In fact, all Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro devices come with fully charged cables as before.

Just last year it was

Perhaps Xiaomi has realized that not many users seem to support the idea of ​​​​removing the charger. Because in the Mi 11 generation last year, despite the absence of a charger in the box, Xiaomi still gives users the right to buy a charger for … 0 VND.

Although Mr. Lei Jun himself encouraged customers who already have chargers not to take more for the “environmental protection” reason as mentioned above, however, the data shows that few people care about this. In the first 350,000 Mi 11 orders, only 20,000 orders, or 5.7%, chose to buy the device without the charger.

In addition, the included charger on Xiaomi 12 also shows that the Chinese technology corporation does not want users to miss one of the most outstanding features on its product, which is super fast charging. The most advanced model is Xiaomi 12 Pro capable of fast charging up to 120W, among the highest today. Obviously, the old chargers that users currently have will not be able to take advantage of the full capabilities of this device.


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