KQXSMB January 21 – Northern lottery results today January 21, 2022

Direct results of the Northern Lottery today Friday, January 21, 2022:

Predict the northern lottery results tomorrow January 20

Prediction of XSMB January 22, 2022 will rely on statistical probability algorithms, analyzing recent results to come up with the most accurate number.

In addition, if you want to predict the Northern Lottery results on January 22, you should refer to the results of the previous period to get a basis for comparison and choose the right number, the highest chance of winning. According to some tips of longtime players, the highest winning rate will be based on the previous day’s Northern Lottery results (KQXSMB) combined with an in-depth statistical probability method. Usually, the numbers that take the longest to come out will give the player the right result.

Northern lottery results (XSMB) on January 21, 2022 are updated directly from the Northern Lottery drawing board.

The structure of the northern lottery results prize (xsmb)

The structure of the northern lottery results (xsmb) prize is 81,150 prizes for the 5,000 VND ticket and 81,150 prizes for the 10,000 VND ticket.

In each drawing period, the prize opening committee will find the lucky numbers with the corresponding prize value.

Accordingly, for each lottery ticket in the North, there will be 3 first prizes worth 1 billion VND each when 6 numbers match the sequence of numbers announced by the awarding board.

In addition, there will be 12 special sub-prizes, each worth 20 million VND, 15 first prizes 10 million VND each, 30 second prizes 5 million VND each, 90 third prizes 1 million VND each, 600 fourth prizes each. 400 hundred thousand dong, 900 fifth prizes worth 200,000 dong, 4500 sixth prizes 100 thousand dong each, 60,000 dong each prize 40,000 dong.

Northern Lottery (xsktmb) opens prizes every day from Monday to Sunday. Prize draw time is at 18:00 every day.

Contact information if winning the Northern Lottery

If customers win the Northern Lottery, they will go directly to the lottery locations of the lottery companies according to the province’s name printed on the lottery ticket or to the branches, representative offices to receive the prize. according to the law.

Note: The lottery ticket should be carefully preserved to avoid tearing. Especially do not erase, if you violate the regulations, you will be suspected of cheating and not only will not receive rewards but also violate the law.

Time to receive prizes within 30 days from the date of announcement of lottery results. If you enter incorrect information on the back of the lottery ticket, it will no longer be valid.

In the event that customers from far away do not come to receive the prize in person, they can write a letter of authorization and have the confirmation stamp of the local government of the winner.

According to the regulations on personal income tax payment of the Ministry of Finance, Northern lottery winners over 10 million must pay each time they win.


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