Last month, Apple warned that it would mass delete apps from the App Store if developers didn’t update their apps within a certain period of time. The “deadline” period is 30 days, if after 30 days the application is still not updated, it will be removed from the App Store.

Learning from Apple, Google recently made a similar move when filtering out applications that have not been updated for 2 years and proceeding to hide applications from the Play Store if the developer does not take any action. According to GizChina, the number of “outdated” apps that Google filtered is up to 869,000, while the App Store side is 650,000 apps.


The reason that both Google and Apple gave this time is to protect users. Many older apps no longer take advantage of the new features from Android and iOS, and as such, “outdated” apps can pose a serious security risk.

Compared to Apple, Google’s “deadline” for developers to update their applications is more comfortable until November this year, which is about half a year away.

Many developers expressed concern about the decision of both giants, saying that this is an unfair action. Many apps or games are still working fine after many years without updating. Or in Russia, Google has discontinued the payment system and does not allow developers to release any paid apps or updates for their apps. Following Google’s decision, many apps sourced from Russian developers will likely disappear from the App Store.



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