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Growing Up: Life of the ’90s APK is a highly interactive simulation RPG game. A place where you can enjoy living a life from childhood to adulthood with a future that completely changes depending on the choices you make in life.

Introducing Growing Up: Life of the ’90s

Simulating a small life in America’s changing times


Like many other countries, in the 90s in the United States, everything changed rapidly. The art of satire ascended to the throne, spiritual values ​​transformed, youth’s awareness raised, and popular culture turned page and reached the most quintessential period. The person living in that dizzying cycle must have also faced a lot with society, with his family and with himself. If it is necessary to talk about the most experienced human life, perhaps the young people living in this period are the most vivid examples.

In this new interactive game, you will play as a child of an ordinary family in America. Going through different stages of life, growing up and becoming a person follows the series of choices you have made along the way. Witnessing the change of society, the transformation of the economy, the development of technology and the difference in perception at each stage of life, you and the characters will realize what is the path for the future. me.

Simulation RPG with exciting interactive gameplay

In Growing Up: Life of the ’90s, you and your young character will spend their youthful days at 30 attractive locations in the city, each associated with many interesting activities. Go to the movie theater, buy popcorn and Coke with friends to watch Dino Park, spend a few pennies to get the Boys Next Door cassette…

You will also have a lot of friends, from childhood to adulthood. Each passing character is delicately built with more than 1000 lines in all possible situations every day. By making choices, you will choose your own way of dealing with life situations.

On the way to adulthood, there will be a total of 19 friends along with 19 stories that will open up with you. You have the power to build relationships, direct them to depth or stop when you get tired. Listen to your heart and decide what is right for you at the moment.

And accordingly, the future will be different, the person you meet later will also be different depending on the previous choices.

Impressive, in-depth skill system

Corresponding to these locations, the nature of activities in them will also create countless small and large tasks for players: semester exams, physical exams, picnic activities with friends in the same course, playing sports sports in school… For each such mission, with the determination of the character, you will have different specific goals (passing the exam high or just barely enough, deciding to choose a subject you don’t like. for extra points or not…)). And of course again, both the decision and the outcome of that decision contribute to the you-to-be.

In the process of development, growing up and socializing, your character will gradually accumulate more than 200 life skills. Corresponding to these skills, it’s up to you in which direction you choose to thrive or ignore some skills that the future changes once again. Or at least your career will be different from the 42 careers the game offers. There are also cases where you have had a strong will since childhood and everything you decide or do in life is directed towards that career path. Like the desire to be an Astronaut, or to be a famous actor. But there is also the type of person who is predestined to push, when you want to make a game but your family wants you to be a model banker.

Life and crossroads

After playing this game, there are many things to think about. I look back at my life, whether there is a decision that I regret, or what I have done for the so-called “dream”. Life has many directions, just one of them changes, sometimes you turn into a completely different direction that you sometimes do not expect.

The fun of Growing Up: Life of the ’90s is when you play it this way: initially set yourself a goal of success in life. And live full of emotional instinct in the process of playing. In the end, keep an eye on what kind of person you will become, how different from what you originally wanted to be. This difference is the magic that life brings to each person.

Download Growing Up: Life of the ’90s APK for Android

Life is always full of variables and all colors of ups and downs. Be consistent with the choice and path you like or let the flow of life push itself, it’s all in the player’s decision. Play Growing Up: Life of the ’90s to realize life’s gifts.

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