Lost 90% of value after 4 months, transaction value decreased 16 times

The ANT** cryptocurrency project is introduced as a decentralized financial ecosystem, in the strategic investment portfolio of NextTech, a company owned by Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh (Shark Binh). Recently, the price chart of ANT** is continuously deep in the red and shows no signs of recovery.

Specifically, according to data from Coinmartketcap, a website specializing in providing data about cryptocurrencies, the value of ANT** coin as of March 28 is at $0.0001768 – the lowest level since the ICO in March. 11 years ago.

Sad for investors to buy coins of Shark Binh: Lost 90% of its value after 4 months, transaction value decreased 16 times - Photo 1.

Compared to the first transaction price of 0.001714, the value of this digital currency has decreased by nearly 90%. If compared to the peak of 0.002618, the price of this coin has decreased by more than 93%. Meanwhile, in terms of trading value, the liquidity of ANT** was very high on the first day of listing, about 16-17 million USD. However, in the following days, the transaction value kept decreasing and as of March 28, it was less than 1 million USD.

Coinmartketcap’s price chart also shows that the decline of ANT** coin has lasted 11/22/2021 to date, just 2 days after the ICO was successful.

Sad for investors to buy coins of Shark Binh: Lost 90% of its value after 4 months, transaction value decreased 16 times - Photo 1.

Price movement of Shark Binh’s ANT** digital currency (Source: Coinmartketcap)

Before that, Shark Binh received a lot of criticism from the crypto investment community, when they said that he and the founding team had sold out on the first day of ANT** trading, causing the price to drop, making them lose money. . However, Shark Binh immediately responded with a series of posts on his personal page and criticized the ugly “crypto people”.

Sad for investors to buy coins of Shark Binh: Losing 90% of its value after 4 months, the transaction value decreased by 16 times - Photo 2.

Shark Binh’s article when he was accused of “tricking chickens” in November 2021

Specifically, Shark Binh wrote:

“Like the day before, Livestream Shark has already chased the chickens and asked the following people NOT to invest in Ant** but please go to another tray to play ALWAYS & NOW:

1. Afraid of the risk of failure, because every project has the potential to fail. Shark is just an investor like you and does not commit to anything.

2. Want to speculate and make a quick profit in a short time, because a good piece of cheese is only available in a mousetrap…

3. The evil Toxic component denigrates and curses others, because of such morality, it is NOT worth investing in the same tray with Shark

Remember, in 100 Startup projects, the number of survivors and X accounts can only be counted on your fingers, so if you are afraid of risk, you should NOT participate in investing, even stocks or BitCoin.”

He even thinks that the fitness behind playing bad, drowning the goods for many bad motives & purposes such as: unfair competition, down-rated driving team (mouth FUD, hand BUY)…

Sad for investors to buy coins of Shark Binh: Lost 90% of its value after 4 months, transaction value decreased 16 times - Photo 4.

Not long after that, Shark Binh shared with us about investing in cryptocurrencies in the CafeTalk program. He said that if investors play, they will decide to play, don’t think that something can help get rich suddenly.

“I think it’s virtual. I think the coin market is still very virtual until now. My perspective is relatively cautious. Everything has to be ‘back to basic’, bringing value to society by material or service. .

While most of the coins on the market do not bring real value to life, there are only a few projects that bring real value to life in the form of collateral for a certain valuable project. treat. And the vast majority I think is virtual, ridiculously virtual.”he said.

https://cafebiz.vn/buon-cho-nha-dau-tu-mua-coin-cua-shark-binh-mat-90-gia-tri-sau-3-thang-gia-tri-Giao-dich- detention-16-lan-20220328203130306.chn
https://cafef.vn/buon-cho-nha-dau-tu-mua-coin-cua-shark-binh-mat-90-gia-tri-sau-4-thang-gia-tri-Giao-dich- jail-16-lan-20220329154700764.chn?fbclid=IwAR2IZ3awqzmliNikYTvKdpQuT38Xg6Th4w-Yqp94K1-HgdIzHqIC0CAZk6A


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