Not only beautiful but also has more special features

Besides launching the high-end smartphone Galaxy S22 Series, Samsung also introduces to users all kinds of cases and leather cases for this product. In addition to the main job is to protect expensive smartphone “pets”, these accessories also bring other special features.

Case with hand strap for Galaxy S22 Ultra

S22 Case - Photo 1.

The first is a case with bracelet for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, an accessory that was also quite popular when it was released for the Galaxy Z Flip3 series.

S22 Case - Photo 2.

The idea of ​​​​this accessory is also simple, we have a cloth cord (feeling quite similar to a seat belt on a car), threaded through a small slot to attach to the inside of the case. There are many different wire designs for users to choose from such as ChocoPie cake, Star Wars movie, Mickey Mouse funny mouse, Pepsi beverage and Volkswagen car company.

S22 Case - Photo 3.

Galaxy S22 Ultra is also a smartphone with a large size, so adding a rope for users to hold the device more firmly is also necessary. Especially for those of you with small hands, it is quite reasonable to use an extra cord when taking pictures, listening to the phone on the street or watching movies.

S22 Case - Photo 4.
S22 Case - Photo 5.

This accessory also has another side effect, that is if you put the S22 Ultra in your pocket and let the hook “protrude” out, you can take the device out by pulling this hook, similar to the strap for key chain.

Types of cases, leather cases for Galaxy S22 Plus

One of the small downsides in the design of the Galaxy S22 Plus during my use is that the edges are sharpened compared to the previous generation, so if you hold it too tightly, it will slightly squeeze the palm. This disadvantage will be completely eliminated when buying additional cases or leather cases.

Case “back” to watch movies

S22 Case - Photo 7.

Galaxy Tab S8 has a Book Cover with a kickstand, while the Galaxy S22 Plus also has a case with a backrest to put on a table.

S22 Case - Photo 8.

The back of this case has 2 small legs, when worn, it will create a different tilt to suit each person’s usage.

S22 Case - Photo 9.

These legs can also be removed and replaced by another color, specifically we have here gray or dark navy.

S22 Case - Photo 10.

The case transforms the design “like a gecko”

S22 Case - Photo 11.

This type of case is divided into 2 parts, a border part and a plastic plate on the back. To use, we will put the plastic sheet in the frame and then put the machine in.

S22 Case - Photo 12.

This design allows users to choose their own case, on both the edge and the back. Here I have a dark blue and transparent border; On the back, in addition to 2 slightly “basic” types, there are donut-shaped types and the type with many stickers we have when traveling on a plane – like the case of travel Vloggers.

S22 Case - Photo 13.
S22 Case - Photo 14.

If you don’t want to use the back, you can attach each border. But doing so does not bring any benefit because the back panel of the case is also quite thin, removing it does not save on machine thickness.

S22 Case - Photo 15.

Wallet-style leather case, integrated with a beautiful notification light

S22 Case - Photo 16.

The most “hi-tech” accessory is a wallet-style leather case. This accessory has a wing to close the screen when not in use, and turn off and on the device like a leather case for a tablet.

S22 Case - Photo 17.

In the wing there is a small slot to put money or cards. I often see people put motorbike cards or elevator cards here, when using, they pull out their phones and swipe.

Take a look at the smart cases of the Galaxy S22 Series: Thick, beautiful and with extra special features - Photo 18.

The most notable feature of this leather case is the LED system on the outside.

S22 Case - Photo 18.

The light will be used to display the time, send application notifications of the device because the holster covers the screen when closed, we cannot use the always-on Display feature.

Take a look at the smart cases of the Galaxy S22 Series: - Photo 19.

We also have a separate application to control the lighting system, including switching effects, changing the graphics for each application and for each person in the call book. For example, you can set the notification from Twitter to be a bird, from Messenger to be a chat bubble or a heart when “that person” calls.

S22 Case - Photo 19.

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