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Smooth drawing experience! 2 MOD APK version

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God Mode
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About 2 World Conflict Welcome to the exciting new addition to the 2 universe – World Conflict mode. Challenge other players from around the world in the ultimate battle for territory. This time, every player will represent not only themselves but their country! Conquer the land in the usual paper style, just keep in mind that every little piece will add to your hometown’s rating. The more users play for a given country and the better they do – the higher that country’s score will be in the leaderboard. Motion is automatic – all you need to do is steer in the right direction. Capture the territory by creating a circle (or any other shape as long as you close the line you started with) with a color trail left by your character. If someone cuts into the trail while you’re drawing the line, you’ll die and have to start over. The good part is that you can do the same with other players, just be careful not to get outdone. Are you ready to show the world how powerful your country really is? It’s time to play World Conflict mode, enrich your motherland and defend it from invaders! Close the window 2 Teams takes the experience of the world’s most loved multiplayer .io game to a whole new level. Now you can conquer territory, defend your land and attack other players with a group of teammates from around the world! Battles take place on a giant paper circle representing a globe, so the stakes are higher than ever. Can you decorate the world with your colors, defeat your enemies and dominate the server?

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