Gasoline prices today in the world

In the morning session of May 18, according to Vietnam time, on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the price of WTI light sweet crude oil delivered in March, 2022 stood at $110.95/barrel, up $1.32/barrel. in session.

Brent oil price delivered in July 2022 stood at 113.52 USD/barrel, up 1.59 USD/barrel during the session.

Petrol price today on May 18: Continuously increased sharply by 1

It can be seen that crude oil price increased sharply today due to the expectation that consumption demand in China will recover strongly when the blockade orders are lifted, especially in big cities, economic and industrial centers. .

In particular, China’s most populous city, Shanghai, is expected to reopen on a large scale on June 1, affecting positive sentiment, causing oil prices to continue to rise sharply today.

Besides, the weakening USD also pushed up oil prices today.

Petrol price today in the country

Gasoline price today

On the afternoon of May 11, the Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance decided to adjust retail gasoline prices every 10 days.

Petrol price today on May 18: Continuously increased sharply 2

During this adjustment period, the inter-Ministry decided to increase E5 RON 92 gasoline to 1,490 VND/liter with a maximum retail price of 28,950 VND/liter. For gasoline RON 95 is also adjusted to increase by 1,550 VND / liter with the maximum retail price of 29,980 VND / liter. This is the consecutive price increase since the end of April. After this increase, the retail gasoline price in the country has set a new peak.

Oil price today

After adjustment, the selling price of diesel oil increased to 26,650 VND per liter, up 1,120 VND; kerosene is 25,160 VND per liter, an increase of 1,340 VND and fuel oil is 21,560 VND per kg.​


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