Gasoline prices today in the world

In the morning session of May 28, according to Vietnam time, on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the price of WTI light sweet crude oil delivered in March 2022 stood at $120.26/barrel, up $3.39/barrel. in session.

Brent oil price delivered in August 2022 stood at 121.27 USD/barrel, up 3.66 USD/barrel during the session.

It can be seen that the world oil price continues to increase strongly today in the context that oil supply is forecasted to be further tightened in the near future.

The EU’s agreement on imposing an embargo on two-thirds of oil imports from Russia will force these countries to find alternative sources of supply to offset this level of production.

However, some experts believe that the EU’s embargo on Russian crude oil will not have much impact on the market when transporting Russian crude oil to EU countries is already extremely difficult due to previous sanctions. there.

Besides, China’s continued gradual lifting of blockade orders in many major cities, commercial and industrial centers, including Beijing and Shanghai… also made oil prices rise sharply today.

Gasoline prices today on June 4: Continuing the strong increase 1

In addition, the pressure of supply shortage is increasing when the US has made moves to limit exports to solve the problem of energy prices and serve domestic consumption needs.

Supply is at risk of shortage while demand for crude oil is recovering strongly in most economies. The difference between supply and demand caused crude oil prices to rise sharply today.

Petrol price today in the country

Gasoline price today

On the afternoon of June 1, the Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance decided to adjust the retail gasoline price every 10 days.

In this adjustment period, the inter-Ministry decided to increase E5 RON 92 gasoline to 600 VND/liter with a maximum retail price of 30,230 VND/liter. For gasoline RON 95 is also adjusted up by 920 VND/liter with a maximum retail price of 31,570 VND/liter. This is the 5th consecutive price increase.

Oil price today

Not only increasing the price of gasoline, but also oil products, at this operating period, the inter-Ministry also decreased sharply. Specifically, the selling price for diesel oil is 26,390 VND/liter, kerosene is 25,340 VND/kg, fuel oil is 20,900 VND/kg.


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