PUBG is officially released for free on all platforms

After nearly 5 years since the launch of the early-access version, the “best to eat” shooter – survival game PUBG: Battlegrounds was officially released for free on Steam on January 11th. In addition, players can also purchase a Battlegrounds Plus account for £9.99 (more than 300,000 VND) to receive various features, including ranked mode, custom battle rooms as well as some other exclusive items.

PUBG is officially released for free on all platforms - Photo 1.

PUBG: Battlegrounds officially released for free.

Gamers who have spent money to buy games before do not need to worry or feel disadvantaged. They will automatically receive the PUBG Special Commemorative Pack (PUBG – Special Commemorative Pack), which includes a free Battlegrounds Plus upgrade. So they won’t need to spend any extra money to get the full experience of this game. Besides, the special PUBG anniversary pack also includes a number of other rewards, including a set of skins for the player’s character.

PlayStation and Steam users only need to purchase the game before to activate this anniversary pack immediately. However, Xbox and Stadia players will need to complete setting up their in-game nickname before the free transition can take place. But in general, longtime PUBG players don’t need to worry too much about losing themselves in this event.

In fact, the maker of PUBG has announced that the game will release its title for free on December 10, 2021 with the aim of:offers the opportunity to expand the community further and help everyone experience the thrills and thrills of PUBG, make new friends, find matches faster, and build new customer base for everyone. Our player base”.

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