One of the most notable innovations of the rookie smartphone – realme 9 of 9 series is the 108MP Prolight camera with Samsung’s latest ISOCELL HM6 sensor. This is also a testament to the company’s breakthrough efforts through breakthrough photography technology on realme 9.

Realme 9 focuses all its efforts on the camera, promising to explode in the mid-range segment - Photo 1.

realme 9 is a new generation of smartphone, continuing to show its ambition in creating new booms in the mid-range segment.

Samsung’s ISOCELL HM6 sensor officially comes to mid-range smartphones

In recent years, realme has continuously demonstrated its pioneering position in listening to users and constantly innovating to launch smartphone products with outstanding camera features in the market. These are devices that take the optimization of the camera, stand out with the speed of shooting, save images, and focus quickly in most lighting conditions, but the price is still suitable for the user’s pocket as a measure of the edge. painting. Thanks to that, realme becomes a young but formidable brand, making the mobile photography race more dramatic.

Realme 9 focuses all its efforts on the camera, promising to explode in the mid-range segment - Photo 2.

The advanced 3-camera system on realme 9 helps the device become an expert in capturing light

The just-launched realme 9 is also included in this list of formidable rookies thanks to its advanced 3-camera system, including 108MP Prolight main camera, ultra-wide lens and macro lens. In which, Samsung’s latest ISOCELL HM6 sensor helps the main camera become an expert in capturing light, challenging all lighting conditions when working.

To do this, the HM6 integrates Nonapixel Plus technology that combines 9 pixels into 1, significantly improving light sensitivity in the dark and noise control, enhancing the excellent performance for night shots as well. such as improving brightness up to 1.6 times in dark environments thanks to the intelligent ISO algorithm support. In addition, the autofocus accuracy of the HM6 is up to 9 times higher than that of the HM2, so users can experience focusing quickly to get clearer, better shots with ease. The 3x zoom super-zoom technology in the HM6 sensor helps the device to express the details and composition of the image according to the user’s desire.

Realme 9 focuses all its efforts on the camera, promising to explode in the mid-range segment - Photo 3.

realme 9 brings into full play its inherent professional photography advantages with Street Photography 2.0 mode (images taken by realme 9 4G).

Completing the beloved Street Photography 2.0 mode on 9 series

For professional photography players, always exploring and discovering new features when recording videos with their phones, realme clearly shows the spirit of market and listening when embarking on these desires. Realme 9 unleashes its full photographic advantage with Street Photography 2.0 mode thanks to its favorite street photography features in mode 2.0, 90s filters, DIS snapshots, zoom peaks. Moreover, various shooting modes from night, panorama, expert, portrait to HDR, wide angle, ultra macro or scene recognition/AI beautification, filters, bokeh effects… are all available on mobile rookies. realme’s action, helping photography lovers easily own impressive, sharp, smooth, and personal movies.

For young people who love selfies, the 16MP front camera offers many AI Beauty Selfie options, which is a significant plus when they can confidently create realistic portraits, bright colors, and clear water without needing to worry. filter.

realme 9 is also highly appreciated for its youthful design with an outstanding color choice of Sunshine Gold unprecedented on mid-range smartphones, equipped with S-AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 4G chipset, 5,000mAh battery that supports charging 33W fast, 6G RAM and 128GB internal memory, all meet the needs of users to use seamlessly anywhere.

Realme 9 focuses all its efforts on the camera, promising to explode in the mid-range segment - Photo 4.

realme 9 is the right choice for most common users when it comes to the camera’s bright spot and a series of highly-rated features such as design, performance,…

With an official price of VND 6,690,000, realme 9 4G is considered to be a suitable choice for ordinary users, with a reasonable cost but still comprehensively meeting user needs, in which the bright spot is the camera that helps blow the air. soul into the frame, keeping all the emotions so that users can freely capture and save every moment in life.

Realme 9 focuses all its efforts on the camera, promising to explode in the mid-range segment - Photo 5.

Launching a great deal right at the launch, from May 14 to May 20, customers who buy realme 9 4G 8+128GB will receive a direct discount of 300,000 VND and a free Teikin speaker worth 1,290,000 VND, preferential interest installment installment 0% exclusive on purchases at Mobile World. Accompanying the new realme 9, realme Buds Q2s smart headphones for VND 690,000 will also receive an instant discount of VND 100,000 when purchased at Shopee Mall and LazMall from May 14, 2022 to May 17, 2022.



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