According to a report collected by Korean newspaper The Elec, Samsung has not been able to fulfill its goal of shipping smartphones in 2021 and there are many reasons for this, one of which is the unsuccessful Galaxy S21 product line. work as expected.

Out of a total of 300 million units produced in 2021, Samsung will produce just under 240 million units, with the rest being handled by partners such as Wintech and Huaqin.

According to The Elec, production numbers show that Samsung shipped around 200 million smartphones last year. Shipments are often lower than production volumes because it takes about one to two months for products to ship, while distributors and carriers may import slightly less than manufactured units. .

Samsung set a target of shipping 300 million units last year and has been unable to achieve this goal. However, the number of smartphones the company produces is still encouraging as it faces production problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam, global chip shortages, and low sales of the smartphone series. Galaxy S21.

Korean newspaper: Samsung did not meet the target of smartphone shipments in 2021 - Photo 1.

The Galaxy S21 series, like the Galaxy S20 series before it, only shipped around 25 million units for the whole year. This figure is significantly lower than the previous S series, which usually ranges from 35 million units to 40 million units.

Sources say Samsung believes it could sell more Galaxy S21 series products if it didn’t face production problems in Vietnam due to the pandemic.

The majority of Samsung’s sales come from the mid-range Galaxy A and M series, the report says nothing about the Fold and Flip product lines, according to other analysis, they have very good sales in the foldable smartphone segment.

Going forward, Samsung plans to reach 334 million shipments this year with 285 million units produced from its factory, while the rest will be delivered to third-party factories.

Reference: GSMArena



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