Samsung is trying to bring folding screens into the mainstream in the future. Not stopping at basic folding designs, Samsung also has more unique folding screen design ideas, which it displayed at CES 2022.

Samsung shows off a series of futuristic folding screens at CES 2022 - Photo 1.

Currently concept products, the Flex S and Flex G look a bit like the Galaxy Z Fold3 but take things to the next level by having two hinges, which means dividing the screen into three parts.

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Flex S shows a device with an “S”-shaped folding display. When folded, part of the screen remains visible. Meanwhile, the smaller version has a transparent area so users can see a small part of the rear screen when folded.

Samsung Flex S and Flex G concepts

Flex G can be folded inward similar to a “G” shape to protect the inner screen, also available in two versions with different screen sizes.

Next is the idea of ​​Flex Slidable, which is a scrollable device similar to the LG Rollable or the OPPO X 2021, both of which were not released as consumer products. This concept shows the screen extending from one side of the device and showing the apps panel. The screen then collapses when not in use.

Samsung’s Flex Slidable concept

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Flex Note is a laptop concept with a foldable screen, similar to the ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED. When folded, it is the size of a 13-inch laptop, but can be used as a 17-inch screen when unfolded.

Samsung also showed off what is perhaps its greatest concept yet, combining a flexible display with an AI speaker. The speaker has a wrap-around OLED display, which can unfold into a 12-inch flat screen when you need it for functions like video calling.

Samsung AI speaker with flexible OLED screen

Some of these products have been introduced by Samsung before, but along with the new products, it shows that Samsung is very serious in promoting the development of folding screen technology.

Reference: AndroidCentral

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