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Basically, this one uses the same server as X29, there are some more games and a few more better card game management functions. Install the card game like other nodejs game versions.

SRC Game Information

  • Name: SUVIP
  • Language: Node.JS
  • SQL: Mongo DB
  • UI: Cocos Creator 2.2.2
  • Server: Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Demo online: Suvip.Club, Game88.Pro, …

Note: The demos above are the games that have been and are running, so they may change over time in terms of the interface or the server, resulting in a difference that is not the same as the original demo, please contact support for further advice.

Video Demo

Original game list

  • Download faint
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Football
  • Shoot Fish
  • Disc shock
  • Plot threads
  • Election crab
  • Three trees
  • Poker
  • High and low
  • Mini Slot Candy
  • Mini Slot PUBG
  • Mini Slot Poker
  • Slot Casina Royal
  • Racing Slots
  • Slot Avengers
  • League of Legends Slots
  • Western Slots
  • Hero Blood Slot
  • Slot Frozen
  • Cowboy Slots
  • Panda Slots
  • Grand journey

Original functions

  • Top up Bank – Momo
  • Agency
  • Telegram OTP Security
  • Newsletter of withdrawal to Telegram
  • Alert players to bet on Telegram
  • BOT chat Tai Xiu
  • BOT quay Slot
  • BOT sets Tai Xiu door
  • BOT sets up Xoc disc door
  • The BOT sets up the door of Bau Cua
  • Scratch Card API Support
  • Support VIP function – Receive VIP rewards
  • TOP VP of the month
  • Daily event X6 jars
  • Automatically play giftcode every day
  • ….

Original Admin function

  • Adjust the financial results
  • Adjust the disc shock results
  • Adjust the election results
  • Adjust lottery results
  • Message notifications to players
  • Click on the slot game
  • Deposit – Withdrawal Management
  • Scratch card management
  • Bank management
  • user management
  • Management agent
  • Giftcode Management
  • Event Settings
  • Cash flow management
  • Plus – Minus money
  • View transaction history
  • View bet history
  • ….

Download source code game bài Suvip

Download SRC server

Download Client

Installation Instructions

Please contact support – Customer Service for installation support and further advice.

Extra words

You can go through this SRC to know more about the tricks of today’s online card games, know the functions that the card game can manage to avoid losing money unjustly.

Open the card game to exchange rewards online Let other people in to play is break the law, MuaGameBai.Com wish you only use SRC this for reference learn more, Are not encourage the release of games of fortune and fainting, shooting fish, jockeying discs, lotteries, election of crabs, etc. online for profit.

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