Son Doong was honored on Google Search in 17 countries and territories

Son Doong was honored on Google Search of 17 countries and territories - Photo 1.

including: Vietnam, US Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, Romania, Sweden, Greece, Singapore…

On April 14, 2022, Son Doong cave – one of the natural wonders of Vietnam was promoted on the Google Search homepage of 17 countries and territories.

In addition to the companionship of the General Department of Tourism and the Quang Binh Department of Tourism, the project to promote Son Doong cave to the world also has the participation of Oxalis Adventure company – an exclusive tour operator exploring the cave. Son Doong, Miss H’Hen Nie and other celebrities together spread pride in one of the most unique natural wonders on the planet, contributing to supporting Vietnam’s tourism promotion after the pandemic.

On April 14, Doodle Son Doong appeared on the Google homepage to celebrate the day Ho Khanh and the Royal British cave expedition officially discovered this world’s largest cave in 2009. Doodle Son Doong reappears The scene of the giant sinkhole is located deeper in the cave, with the sunlight illuminating the cave scene with many green shades of the mountains. The giant sinkholes allow sunlight and rain to nourish the primary forest ecosystem, which is home to many species of creatures such as bats, crows and monkeys. A whole primeval forest thrives right in this magnificent cave that will amaze any visitor to Son Doong, even seasoned explorers.

Aiming to attract international tourists, Doodle Son Doong not only appears on the Vietnamese Google homepage but also on the Google homepage in many countries and territories such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and the Republic of Korea. Dominica, El Salvador, Greece, Republic of Guatemala, Republic of Honduras, Mexico, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, US Virgin Islands, United Kingdom.

Son Doong Cave was certified by Guinness World Records, the World Records Association as the largest in the world with a width of 150 meters, a height of more than 200 meters, and a length of nearly 9 kilometers. The cave is located in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang cave complex, the largest national park in Vietnam. This place also has En cave – the third largest cave in the world and also the first destination on the way to Son Doong cave. Besides, more than 350 caves, underground rivers and rare flora and fauna have been found here.

“To discover and admire this wonder of the world, adventurers will have a trip to experience combined sports such as forest crossing, wading streams, mountain climbing, even canoeing in high water season… In the past 5 years, Son Doong cave has welcomed nearly 3,500 visitors to the cave to explore”, said Oxalis Adventure – the only unit that organizes Son Doong expedition.

Mr. Nguyen Le Phuc, Deputy General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, said: “The event that Son Doong cave with outstanding global values ​​was honored on the Google homepage on April 14, 2022 is the pride of Quang Nam. Binh in particular and of Vietnam’s tourism industry in general. As the largest cave in the world, surely the grandeur, unique terrain and beautiful scenery of Son Doong will give visitors impressive and overwhelming experiences. Vietnam has officially reopened to international tourism with very favorable medical entry conditions and restored the visa and immigration policy as before the epidemic. All are ready. We welcome travelers from all over the world to come to have the full experience in Vietnam!”.

Visitors who are interested in Son Doong cave but have not had the opportunity to directly visit and explore this place can admire it through Son Doong cave at Wonders of Vietnam – an online exhibition on Google Arts & Culture launched at the beginning of the year. 2021. Here, online visitors can admire a set of photos and videos of Son Doong cave, as well as interactive features that allow to experience the wonders of Vietnam in new ways. This is also one of the projects that Vietnam National Administration of Tourism cooperates with Google in an effort to promote Vietnamese tourism to the world.

Following the icons Doodle bread, Doodle pho, Doodle Hoi An city … on the Google homepage, Doodle Son Doong is a practical Google activity to promote Vietnamese Culture – Cuisine – Tourism to the community. international copper.

Google Doodles are special icons that temporarily replace the Google logo on the homepage (or Google Vietnamese – to celebrate major holidays, events, achievements, cultural values ​​and personalities who have made important contributions in many fields to the community in one land good water for mankind. Since 2003 on the homepage of Google Vietnamese (, there have been many Doodle works like how Google honors the unique culture in Vietnam as well as celebrates traditional holidays such as National Day. Vietnamese Catholic Church, Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, National Day, special characters such as musician Trinh Cong Son, poet Xuan Quynh, painter Bui Xuan Phai, special dishes of Vietnamese cuisine such as cakes noodles, pho…


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